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8 Social Media Automation Tools you Should know About

Social media automation is using software or tools to accomplish specific tasks on social media platforms without human intervention. Put simply, it means using a program to automate things like posting and sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Social media automation is a good idea, particularly for businesses with multiple accounts. Automation helps you achieve consistency in your social media marketing efforts. It gives you greater control over the content you share, and how you share it. It helps you save time, which you can then use to grow your business.


Social media automation tools

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media automation tools out there. There are so many features that Hootsuite can help with that if you have not learned the full scope of this social media automation tools, then I recommend you start right away.

Hootsuite gives us the ability to keep track of various social media channels at once. It can also help you perform brand monitoring with its real-time updates. Knowing when your brand is mentioned allows you to know what consumers are writing about it instantly. This can be used to collect user-generated content or avert a crisis.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesCreate and schedule posts.
Craft new posts and schedule to multiple social networks at the same time using our publishing features.
Manage all of your channels. 
Plan upcoming campaigns. 
Stay on top of incoming messages. 
Analyze your results.
Pros Publishing and scheduling social posts.
Continuing to build and add new apps that make life easier.
Unlimited analytics made for a numbers man dream.
Creating and exporting reports was easy.
Great account rep, always attentive to my needs.
Cons Can’t post multiple images on an Instagram post
Free Demo30-Days trial
Starting Premium Plan$17.28


Social media automation tools

Buffer was designed with collaboration in mind, Which means you can use this software to draft and coordinate with your team, so you can orchestrate brilliant social media marketing campaigns. Additionally, you can assign social conversations to the person on the right team, avoid duplicate responses by seeing who else is viewing a conversation, and leave internal notes. Many of these tasks can be automated, from tagging a post to assigning it.

Moreover, your team can use saved replies to reduce the amount of time they spend answering common questions. Plus, with its reporting and analytics features, Buffer will give your team recommendations on how to grow reach, engagement, and sales.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesRSS feeds connectivity.
Informative social analytics.
Multiple posts and tweets.
Social profile sharing.
Profile management.
Multi-media format sharing.
Agency/business planning.
Analytics and insights.
Pros With one easy click, you’ll be able to share content and schedule posts via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and Pinterest.
Buffer has Pablo, a free image creation tool that can help you create social media images Let’s you select your default shortener as the well-known bit.ly, and also offers buff.ly and j.mp.
Cons Raised their price for individual accounts
No Instagram integration into the platform
Free DemoAvailable
Starting Premium Plan$15


Social media automation tools

Publer is a social media scheduling tool that lets you post, schedule, and analyze your posts on all major social channels. With Publer, you can post and schedule your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business. You can even recycle and auto-schedule your posts to save time. Most social media scheduling tools offer a free plan. But what sets Publer apart from the other scheduling tools on the market is that its free plan gives you access to advanced features like Auto-Schedule, link shortening, post preview, and more.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesSocial Analytics
Marketing Automation 
Multi-User Notifications Scheduling 
Social-Media Integration
Pros Publer has a great interface
Ease of use which is fantastic for users just starting with social media platforms.
Great value, and some wonderful features that make maintaining multiple accounts super easy.
Cons Lack of an app
Free DemoAvailable
Starting Premium Plan$10

Social Pilot

Social media automation tools

Social Pilot is social media automation and analytics tool for businesses – from small to medium and even large companies. With these social media automation tools, you can expect to enjoy a ton of features such as social media scheduling, calendar management, client management, and more.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter what social media channel you are using because SocialPilot has got your needs covered. That said, you can integrate SocialPilot with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Google+ simultaneously.

The best of all is that SocialPilot offers users a social media calendar feature, which will help you monitor your social media campaigns.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesSave time by Scheduling your posts on social media platforms.
Get downloadable, white-label Analytics Reports to drive your marketing strategies 
Schedule posts in advance by Bulk Scheduling up to 500 posts with images.
Participate in multiple conversations across Facebook Pages with Social Inbox
Discover and share relevant content with Content Curation
Pros Great tools, at an affordable price.
SocialPilot’s ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver.
Provide Access to all my social media accounts with just social pilot alone
Cons If the queue were failed there is no automatic alert available.
Free DemoAvailable
Starting Premium Plan$30

Sprout Social

Social media automation tools

Sprout Social is a social media management and optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. Our platform gives you a single hub for social media publishing, analytics, and engagement across all of your social profiles. Sprout Social provides social media management, marketing, customer care, analytics, and data intelligence solutions for leading brands and agencies, including Ticketmaster, Chipotle, Grubhub, Subaru, Zendesk, and many more. Sprout’s intuitive platform is designed with user experience in mind, simplifying social publishing, engagement, reviews, analytics, and listening for our customers.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesStreamline and effectively scale social monitoring and engagement efforts with a unified social inbox.
Execute real-time brand monitoring with a keyword, hashtag, and location searches across Twitter in the Smart Inbox.
Conversation History
Facebook & Instagram Ads Comment Moderation
Pros Possibility to see the content by applying several filters: draft, need approval, platform, accounts, tags, campaigns, etc.
Different types of reports
Manage messages, open and assign tasks
Cons The functions for social listening are not included with the standard license
We can’t get reports by country or region
Free DemoAvailable
Starting Premium Plan$99


Social media automation tools

CoSchedule is a very well thought out Editorial & Marketing Calendar that also integrates with WordPress, Social Media, Google Calendar, Analytics, and SO much more! It automates all of my Social Media Posts & even ReQueues my evergreen content for posting at a later time automatically. CoSchedule Marketing Suite, the only way to organize all of your marketing in one place. Complete more work, deliver projects on time and prove your value with one platform to take control of your process and bring your team together. As one of the top marketing software providers on the Inc. 5000 list, CoSchedule is the fastest-growing solution for mid-market and enterprise companies, with 5,000+ customers worldwide.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesProject Management.
Agile Methodologies. 
Agile Project Management Tools.
Backlog Management. 
Campaign Management.
Channel Management. 
Pros Provides an easy-to-look-at view of your content calendar
Allows you to schedule content across multiple platforms within one location
Social media scheduling.
Cons Can be a bit priceyBetter intuitiveness.
Free DemoAvailable
Starting Premium Plan$29

Zoho Social

Social media automation tools

Zoho Social is a complete social media management platform for businesses & agencies. It helps you schedule posts, monitor mentions, create custom dashboards, and more. Zoho Social is from Zoho.com—a suite of 40+ products trusted by over 40 Million users. Zoho Social is built to efficiently match their needs. These social media automation tools will help you to work with your team, monitor brand mentions and social conversations.

It offers an unlimited social media scheduling feature and also creates a custom report for you to analyze your social media. Zoho Social lets you manage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Google My Business.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesThe all-in-one social media management software.
Reach and engage your customers.
Forms for mobile teams.
Design mobile-friendly websites.
Conversion rate optimization software.
End-to-end event management software.
Host secure online meetings.
Organize engaging webinars.
Pros API integration
Custom modules
User interface and design
Reporting and analytics
Powerful email marketing tools
Cons API limits for Zoho one customersZoho mailZoho Cliq
Free DemoAvailable
Starting Premium Plan$8.84

Agora pulse

Social media automation tools

Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media management tool designed to save you time. Agorapulse automatically combines all your social conversations in one place so you can review, reply, and label them. The inbox captures comments, mentions, messages, and reviews in chronological order. Furthermore, you can set up automated moderation rules to review, tag, hide, or assign key messages, so you spend less time in your inbox. And you can use saved template replies to respond quickly. Agorapulse’s scheduling tools allow you to publish posts once, several times, or again and again with different queues. You can also use queue categories to store unlimited queued posts on particular themes and topics.

Social media automation tools

FeaturesCompare your page with Competitors.
Measure post-performance.
Post scheduling.
Track reach, clicks, leads, and measure Earned Media.
Tag fans and qualify them.
Queue categories.
Activity tracking.
Assignment management.
Pros User-Friendly Desk Top Version
The organization provides easy ways to keep track of all social media account activity.
Customer Service of Agorapulse is super great.
Always very responsive and willing to have meetings with team members to help them adapt to the app.
Cons Cannot republish
Twitter posts.
Cannot access DMs more than a week old.
Free DemoAvailable


Social media is all about being quick and responsive these days. If you want to save your time while working on your digital marketing strategy, then you should take the assistance of some social media automation tools. All the above social media automation tools are top-notch, though they might vary slightly in terms of what they offer users. If you are looking for free social media automation tools then Publer will be the best choice, for the enterprise version of Hootsuite and the buffer app will good to go with. Know your preferences and choose one that will suit your needs.

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