Discover the Best Social Media Automation Tools to Boost Your Strategy

Posting excellent content frequently isn’t the only thing that makes social media marketing effective. It requires vigilant monitoring of your messages and prompt responses. This part of managing social media can take a lot of effort and time. Tools for social media automation can be helpful.

With these tools, you can now automate social media tasks that would have taken hours to complete. This allows you to focus on other tasks, such as data analysis or creating more effective strategies to boost your online presence.

We’ll go over the top social media automation tools in this post, both free and paid. You’ll discover the features, applications, and users who stand to gain the most from them.

Introducing Social Media Automation

Simply put, social media automation is the process of scheduling, managing, and occasionally even interacting with people on social media without requiring you to perform all of the tasks by hand.

Even when you’re not directly in charge of these automated tasks, it helps maintain an active and intriguing online presence for you.

Best Social Media Automation Tools

Social media automation not only automates repetitive social media tasks, but it also cleverly optimizes audience targeting, engagement tactics, and content delivery.

Not to mention, social media automation’s applications are constantly growing. Currently, social media automation mostly consists of republishing well-liked articles or planning social media posts in advance. Therefore, automation makes it easier for you to remember to update your social media calendar and publishing schedule.

The analytics features present in a lot of social media automation tools recommend the best times to post on social media. This automatically publishes your posts at the optimal time for your audience to interact, saving you the extra step of carefully choosing when to schedule.

Automation can be utilized for effective chatbot marketing in addition to social media posting. Social media automation can effortlessly curate customer responses to guarantee timely interactions, depending on the tool you use.

What social media marketing tasks can you automate?

social media marketing tasks to automate

You can automate many, but not all, of the laborious social media marketing tasks. And don’t worry; at the bottom of this post, we’ll discuss the software tools that can handle these chores for you.

Producing Content

If you need help, you can use a generative AI tool to generate content ideas. Look, generative AI allows you to (and should) automate text-based content, images, and videos. But it is imperative that you examine and modify the results produced by AI. Even though AI isn’t perfect—none of us is—it will provide you with a much-needed boost.

Posting on Social media

Changing between various social media accounts to post several times a day can be very time-consuming. This is especially true when it comes to platform-specific content marketing best practices and the optimal posting time.

Posting on Social media

Posting on social media automatically boosts productivity and saves time without sacrificing the quality of the content. After your content has been locked and loaded, you can schedule the pertinent pieces and post times on each network using a social media automation tool. After that, just unwind and watch as the robots move your posts across the finish line.

Social client service

Online customer satisfaction rates have drastically decreased, according to a recent Hootsuite social trends report. But why do people feel like this? Business owners stopped focusing on online customer service as soon as the world reopened.

What does this signify, then, for your company? You can close a huge gap in the e-commerce industry by providing superior customer service. Automating customer interactions is one way to achieve that.

For routine inquiries like “What are your hours?” and “Do you have any coupons available?” you don’t need a human team member. Similarly, you can automate support requests for tracking packages, checking on the status of refunds, and other CRM-related problems.

Conversational AI systems can handle more routine tasks without materially harming your company’s profitability.

Social analytics

Automated data collection greatly facilitates analytical reporting and decision-making. Fortunately, the design of social media marketing automation virtually eliminates the tedious math calculations you detest.

Social analytics

Here are some examples of automated data collection:

  • Data specific to social media platforms, such as the optimal timing for posting on Instagram versus TikTok, is available.
  • Post engagement metrics, including shares, likes, comments, and more
  • Tracking keywords or hashtags will help you see exactly what people are saying about your brand, industry-related themes, and competitors.

With the correct tool, you can even automate your reporting, producing dashboards and reports that are ready for clients with a few clicks.

How can you effectively automate Social Media?

Avoid using spammy bots

We do not recommend using certain tools just because they are available. Remember to use bots for beneficial purposes rather than evil. Accept using bots to improve both your own and your customers’ lives.

AI solutions that accelerate response times for customer support? Fantastic. An inbox where you can centrally manage comments, tags, and direct messages from various networks? Fantastic.

What about social media bots that like or comment on posts automatically? This is not a brilliant idea. These actions could permanently damage your relationship with your audience. Additionally, they could lead to issues with the social media platforms themselves.

Don’t cross-post without adapting to different networks

It may seem easiest to cross-post the same content on several social media platforms. It’s not the most efficient, though.

Certain tools, such as social media platforms, can automatically cross-post content to other platforms using certain tools, such as social media platforms. Avoid giving in to temptation.

Social media platforms vary in terms of social features, character count limitations, and image display ratios. The audience’s word preferences, expectations, and demographics on those platforms vary. For example, there’s very little chance that your link-heavy Facebook post will work as well on linkless Instagram.

Rather, spend some time tailoring your message to the target audience on each platform. At the very least, you should consider

  • User handles differ on different platforms.
  • Image specifications: different file types, sizes, cropping, etc.
  • Text includes the number of characters and language specific to the platform.
  • The quantity and usage patterns of hashtags

To make the most of your time, use automated social media publishing at predetermined times rather than cross-posting.

Strike a balance between automation and human knowledge

When the house collapses, a poor builder puts the blame on his hammer. The same is true if you post a “Don’t worry, be happy” message on the same day as a major world tragedy.

If you don’t want your house to collapse, don’t just set it and forget it. Turning on a switch and walking away is not the case with automated social media marketing.

Any automated outputs, like your publishing schedule, should be closely watched. In this manner, you can instantly make any necessary adjustments.

On social media, world-changing crises are constantly occurring. A badly timed post can give the impression that your company is clumsy or insensitive.

Factors for choosing the right social media automation tool for digital marketers

The quality of the questions you ask yourself in advance directly influences the quality of the decisions you make. We’ve put together a list of crucial questions to ask yourself before deciding which social media tool to buy and which to give away to help you with this process.


Does the tool’s pricing fit within the budget you have set aside for it? How about raising the price? Will this tool still fit into your budget if there is a sudden price increase, or will you have to find another one that is more reasonable? 

Compatibility with both current and upcoming tools

Consider the following before making a decision: Can you integrate this tool with other tools you currently use or plan to use in the future? CRM programs, email marketing services, and analytics tools fall into this category.

Multi-platform assistance

Is the tool you’re thinking about compatible with all of the social media platforms you use for your marketing campaigns?

Multi platform assistance

Client assistance

  • Does this tool offer outstanding assistance?
  • How soon do they answer questions about support?
  • Which support channels—chat, email, phone, and social media—are available?
  • Are the support team’s members polite and knowledgeable?
  • Is there support for urgent matters around the clock?
  • How is personalized assistance made sure of?


It’s critical to consider a social media automation tool’s scalability and adaptability to your changing business requirements.

Is this tool flexible enough to change my strategies and grow my social media presence? Growth includes advanced features like analytics and teamwork, as well as the quantity of accounts, posts, and brands.

Do you believe you can modify this tool based on its features to suit your long-term strategy?

Safety and compliance

How does the tool handle privacy and data security? Do you accept their terms regarding privacy? Is this tool GDPR-compliant?

What benefits can efficient social media automation offer?

See what amazing things social media automation technology can accomplish for you!

1. Combine all of your social media accounts

Although social media is a very useful tool, it can also be very overwhelming and time-consuming.

Thankfully, you can combine all of your social media platforms and optimize your workflow with the aid of automated posting software, social media scheduling software, and social media management tools.

With a few clicks and the appropriate marketing automation tools, you can quickly and simply manage numerous accounts on various platforms.

2. Make your content automatic

Your content marketing strategy guides your content creation process, and social media tools speed up content curation by helping you find, resize, or adjust images, add captions, create flyers, animated images, GIFs, and other media. With just a few simple settings and prompts, AI writing tools can also assist you with writing your social media posts.

Since feeds constantly refresh, republishing content is an essential component of any social media strategy. By republishing content in cycles that you pre-determine, social media automation helps you fill your social media content calendar with non-repetitive content that still adheres to your main messaging.

It’s no secret that the best approach to maintaining a consistent content release schedule on your social media platform is to schedule your content. By automating time-consuming social media tasks like posting in advance or reposting content from other accounts, automation features help you save time.

In addition to setting up your social media advertising and running campaigns within your timeline, budget, and special offers, the majority of these tools also allow you to include analytics at the end of each campaign.

Social media automation tools have the ability to automatically create reports that give you information about how your content is performing on various platforms, enabling you to decide what will work best for your company.

Best social media automation tools for an effective social media automation

Let’s get right to our list without further ado. There is something for both large and small players here, with a range of specializations and abilities. The brief descriptions aim to provide you with an overview of the main advantages of each tool. If you’d like more information, go to their website and click.

1. Missinglettr

The best tool for promoting a lot of your selected content and automating its distribution across your platforms in the form of a drip campaign is Missinglettr.


To further enhance your content marketing automation, it also gathers and incorporates other well-known content that is pertinent to yours.


  • It adds new, relevant social media content from other sources to yours, saving you the trouble of continuously coming up with new concepts in order to keep users engaged with your audience.
  • The Automatic Repost feature allows you to repost your most popular content at the ideal time, ensuring no one notices the repetition.
  • Recommends the best times to post.
  • It suggests the social media platform that is most appropriate for promoting your brand.

Pricing details: Missinglettr price plan

2. Hootsuite

With extensive features for the majority of social media platforms, Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool that has been around for a while.


Large companies and agencies with complex needs (and the budget to support them) are the best candidates for it.


  • Track the effectiveness of your content across several social media networks from a single dashboard.
  • Updates in real time
  • Thorough analytics on social media
  • Automatically scheduled and posted content
  • Adapting the same content for different platforms to prevent obvious repetition and spamming your audience
  • It records your comments and replies, enabling you to respond promptly.

Pricing details: Hootsuite price plan details

3. Loomly

We highly recommend using this social media automation tool on your Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


While you’re gathering your content, Loomly provides insights into current social trends, as well as assistance with post-scheduling and organization.

It’s a dashboard for managing social media campaigns all in one place.


  • Depending on how many accounts you’re running, run multiple calendars.
  • Content scheduling and arrangement
  • It filters incoming messages and comments so you can reply quickly and appropriately.
  • Content marketing analytics
  • Simplified campaign oversight
  • Optimizing content

Pricing details: Loomly price plan

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is a tool that helps with social media marketing on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as email marketing growth.


To improve customer conversion, you can generate ideas, produce aesthetically appealing content, and use Tailwind to optimize it.


  • Developing a social media strategy that is industry-specific
  • Provides content ideas.
  • Use the colors, fonts, and logo of your brand to automatically generate a variety of post styles that you can edit with a single click.
  • Societal listening
  • Planning to engage on social media as much as possible
  • Improved recommendations for hashtags and captions

Pricing details: Tailwind price plan

5. Sprout Social

For marketers who “geek out” over the newest technologies and desire a seamless listen-and-respond dynamic on social media, Sprout Social is perfect.

The ViralPost feature automatically publishes your article at the most convenient time for your followers.

Sprout Social

A useful tool for providing prompt customer service responses on Twitter is the Bot Builder.

This adaptable tool allows you to customize your feed, engage in semi-automated mode, and receive social media reports as often as you’d like.


  • Posting articles automatically at the best times.
  • A chatbot generator for effective customer support
  • Feed personalization
  • Social media analytics reports
  • Follows up with automated customer surveys

Pricing details: Sprout Social price plan

6. Buffer

Buffer, one of the more established social media automation tools, is particularly helpful for planning Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts.


If you have the Pro plan, you can also schedule pins on Pinterest. Buffer makes managing and engaging with digital media much easier.


  • Fixed (changeable) timetable options
  • Every day, there are four posting slots.
  • Social listening is the automated identification of questions, comments, or critical remarks made on social media posts.
  • There are automatic suggestions for the frequency, content, and timing.
  • This is an online support community for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browser extensions.

Pricing details: Buffer price plan

7. Zoho Social

For handling the publishing, tracking, and analytics components of your social media campaigns, Zoho Social works well.

Zoho Social

The platform’s SmartQ predictions allow you to schedule post publishing for specific times, and they will post automatically at the moment when your audience is most engaged.


  • Designing collaborative processes that expedite content creation and approval
  • Strong tools for reporting and analytics
  • The system generates reports automatically and regularly.
  • CRM software interfaces that facilitate communication with potential customers generate leads.

Pricing details: Zoho Social price plan

8. SocialBee

Using RSS functionality, SocialBee is helpful for automating the creation of content and management of social media.


Stated differently, you don’t have to search for pertinent and helpful articles to share with your target audience.

For more varied content posting, you can also classify your content and schedule it to post periodically from each category.

Additionally, it offers the special capability of automatically removing the posts you’ve chosen at a specific time.


  • Using RSS functionality, you can share relevant articles automatically.
  • You can schedule the removal of time-sensitive content from your feed at a time of your choosing.
  • Automated reposting analytics show you which content is most successful, allowing you to adjust your content marketing plan.

Pricing details: SocialBee price plan


With social media automation, you can find and share the right content at the right time. Automation tools enable you to monitor conversations, monitor competitors, analyze audience behavior, and more. When choosing a tool, take into account your company’s social media goals as well as your ideal spending limit for the greatest outcomes.