Free Live Chat Software for a Website

We are excited to share this new chat application that we found today. The best thing about this chat tool is that you can use it for FREE. The name of the live chat software is

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This tool works with wordpress, squarespace, weeble, Drupal and wix websites. We found it easy to install and easy to operate. They have got apps for Android and Apple Platforms.

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Useful Features:

All the premium features you would expect, just without the price tag. There is no ‘premium’ version, just one feature packed version for everyone.

Monitor website visitors in real time : See which pages your visitors are on in real time, know how often they visit your site and view their entire customer journey.

Localize messages in your language : Translated into 45+ languages, makes it easy to chat with customers in your native tongue.

Answer chats from your mobile device : Never miss another chat again. With apps for both Android and iOS, you get notifications and chat on the go.

Respond quickly with shortcuts : With a built-in Knowledge Base and handy shortcuts (canned messages), you can provide quick and consistent responses every time.

Setting Up

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There are 3 ways to install this plugin

  1. Install using plugin (forWordPress)
  2. Copy and Paste the Code inside Website’s Theme code (as guided)
  3. To install the widget using Google Tag Manager:

We personally find the third option much easier.

From your Google Tag Manager panel, click on New Tag. Choose the Custom HTML Tag option. Paste the widget code inside the HTML container. Click on the Continue button to proceed. Add a rule that will fire the tag on All Pages. Click on the Create Tag button when you are done. You will need to name the tag (e.g and then Save the name. To finalize adding to your site, you need to publish your container. Click on Publish button in the top right portion of the screen to proceed. Finally, click on the Publish Now button.
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Quick Peek into the Dashboard

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Premium Value Addons (Optional)

The software comes with some premium features like hiring live agenct at $1 per hour, Hiring Virtual assistants, Removing branding, Video/Voice/Screensharing, Transalation, Shopping Cart addition etc.

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To Summarise, if you are looking for a free live chat software, then you can start using this amazing tool. And, yes, there are premium addons to scale your business too.