6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Tools to Get Quality Leads

Real estate includes houses, companies, and land that can be bought, rented, or sold. The real estate market is doing very well. The market needs new leads, and real estate agents are always on the lookout for them to keep their businesses going. Part of the lead creation process is finding and attracting people who might be interested in real estate services.

Real estate lead generation tools are pieces of software that make it easier to find and get in touch with possible clients. These tools use a variety of technologies, such as data analytics, social media tracking, and artificial intelligence, to find and handle qualified leads well. Realtors use lead generation tools to improve their marketing efforts, communicate more effectively with clients, and keep in touch with leads to increase the number of people who buy from them.

Strategies to Generate Real Estate Leads Without Cold Calling

There are many ways to find real estate leads for new agents, such as through online lead generation tools, social media marketing, and networking and referrals.

You can effectively generate real estate leads by implementing the following strategies:

Social Media Marketing

Real Estate social media

Using social media to get real estate leads is one of the best ways to find them. You can write interesting pieces, send out eye-catching real estate photos, and make educational films that people will want to watch. Use targeted advertising to get in touch with possible customers based on their age, gender, interests, and habits.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing for real estate 1

Through smart content marketing, one can obtain real estate leads and establish themselves as an authority on the subject. Make informative guides, videos, and blog posts that offer helpful details about local insights, buying and selling advice, and market trends. Participate in pertinent online communities, interact with your audience, and share your content on social media.

Email Marketing

email Marketing for real estate

Use email marketing to efficiently generate and nurture real estate leads for new agents. Send customized emails by segmenting your data according to your preferences and behavior. To add value and maintain awareness, distribute real estate listings, market updates, and instructional materials. Automated drip campaigns with timely follow-ups boost lead engagement and trust.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization for real estate

Increase the online presence of your real estate company with search engine optimization (SEO). To rank higher on search engines, optimize the content, meta tags, and local keywords on your website. To attract organic traffic, you should create valuable, shareable content and invest in high-quality backlinks. A well-designed SEO strategy makes sure that potential customers can easily find your services and helps you acquire real estate leads.

Networking and Referrals

Make the most of your real estate connections by networking and making recommendations. Participate in social media, go to industry events, and network with other professionals. Building a referral network with mortgage brokers, inspectors, and contractors is one way to get real estate leads for new agents and broaden your reach. Collaborations and reciprocal recommendations build your reputation and increase the size of your clientele.

5 crucial features for real estate lead generation websites

We want to highlight a few of the essential features and capabilities that will convert your real estate website into a lead-generating machine before delving into the top real estate websites for lead generation. 

Buyer and seller specific landing pages

Buyer and seller specific landing pages for real estate

A website with visitor-specific content pages is what you should aim for. For example, while home sellers will value your free home assessments on your website, buyers will want to peruse listings. Instead of just sending visitors to your homepage, provide leads and prospects with the information they need right away.

Email capture capacities

Ideally, pop-ups, gated content, or gated listings searches should allow you to collect leads—that is, email addresses—from website visitors. Additionally, you could provide downloadable lead magnets, such as a list of your recommended lenders, handymen, appraisers, and home stagers. The objective is to maintain contact with every single person who visits your website.

Excellence in branding

By clearly expressing your brand and value to each visitor, your real estate website can create leads.

CRM Integration + Automated drip campaigns

A robust CRM will ensure that you never lose a prospect by waiting too long to get in touch with them. It will jump into action and send a follow-up email or text message as soon as a website visitor shares their contact information.

Mobile-friendly design

Mobile friendly design for real estate

Homebuyers, like many of us, are never truly at rest. Your ideal customer is probably a busy professional who manages both personal and professional obligations while attending multiple open houses on the weekends. Today’s real estate agents need to be able to draw in leads from the place where they spend most of their time—on their phones, which is where most browsing, research, sharing, and house comparisons take place.

The 6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Tools

In the dynamic real estate market, obtaining high-quality leads is crucial to long-term success and growth. As a real estate agent, you must effectively use the power of contemporary technology to draw in and win over new clients.

This blog will examine the top lead generation tools for real estate. These tools offer a range of features, from cutting-edge AI-powered solutions to conventional lead generation platforms. You can grow your real estate company and beat the competition by adding these tools to your marketing plan.

1. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is a widely used platform that links real estate brokers with prospective buyers, sellers, and renters. The following are some benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Zillow Premier Agent:

Zillow Premier Agent


  • Massive reach: With millions of monthly visitors, Zillow is one of the most well-known real estate websites in the United States.
  • Incredibly focused leads: The Zillow Premier Agent algorithm increases the likelihood of closing deals by matching agents with leads based on their area of expertise and service.
  • Higher-level analytics: Zillow Premier Agent provides agents with comprehensive analytics, allowing them to monitor their performance and modify their approach as needed.


  • Huge competition: Due to the intense competition for leads resulting from the popularity of Zillow Premier Agent, it can be challenging for newer agents to stand out.
  • Massive cost: Using Zillow Premier Agent can be expensive; some agents claim to spend more than $10,000 a month on the service.
  • Minimal personalization: The limited branding options available to Zillow Premier Agents can make it difficult for agents to set themselves apart from their rivals.

Who must utilize it and why?

The ideal candidates for Zillow Premier Agent are established agents who want to expand their reach, grow their business, and have the funds to invest in lead generation.

Cost and pricing options:

Numerous pricing options are available with Zillow Premier Agent, such as cost per impression (CPI), cost per click (CPC), and cost per lead (CPL). The cost per lead can vary, depending on the competition and location.

2. Zurple

Zurple, an AI-powered lead generation tool, uses automated email campaigns to provide individualized lead nurturing.


Basic Features of Zurple

  • AI-powered lead segmentation and scoring
  • Tailored email marketing for efficient lead nurturing
  • Lead monitoring and reporting in relation to performance assessment
  • Integration with widely used marketing and CRM platforms for real estate

Pricing Details

Zurple Pricing Plans

3. BoldLeads

Real estate agents can obtain exclusive leads from BoldLeads, a platform for lead generation. The following are some benefits and drawbacks of using bold leads:



  • Unique leads: Agents that use BoldLeads’ exclusive leads have a higher chance of closing deals.
  • Proficient automation: BoldLeads’ automated follow-up tools help agents nurture leads and boost conversion rates.
  • Robust leads: BoldLeads frequently produces high-quality leads because users must submit comprehensive information in order to view listings.


  • Huge cost: Using BoldLeads can be expensive; some agents claim to spend more than $3,000 a month on the platform.
  • Minimal customization: Because of the somewhat constrained customization options offered by BoldLeads, agents may find it difficult to customize their strategies to the needs of their intended audience.
  • Limited reach: Because BoldLeads is less popular than other platforms, agents may not receive as many leads.

Who must utilize it and why?

Agents who are prepared to invest in lead generation and are searching for exclusive, high-quality leads are the ideal candidates for BoldLeads.

Cost and pricing options:

BoldLeads offers a variety of pricing options, including a pay-per-lead option and a monthly subscription fee. Depending on the area and level of competition, the cost per lead can vary.

4. Zoho CRM

Using the customer relationship management tool Zoho CRM, real estate agents can effectively handle their leads and clientele. Using Zoho CRM has the following benefits and drawbacks:

Zoho CRM


  • Advanced lead handling: Agents can monitor and develop leads with the help of sophisticated lead management features offered by Zoho CRM.
  • Cost-effective: Zoho CRM’s cost is competitive and frequently lower than that of other platforms.
  • Adaptable: Because Zoho CRM is so customizable, agents can adjust their strategies to better suit their intended audience.


  • Restricted lead creation: Agents will need to generate leads from other sources because Zoho CRM is a lead management platform rather than a lead generation tool.
  • Restricted branding options: Because there aren’t many branding options available in Zoho CRM, agents may find it difficult to set themselves apart from the competition.
  • Minimal customization: Despite the fact that Zoho CRM is customizable, agents may find it difficult to use the platform and configure their systems.

Who must utilize it and why?

Agents who are looking for a platform to manage and nurture their leads and have a consistent flow of leads are the ideal candidates for Zoho CRM.

Cost and pricing options:

There are several different pricing options available for Zoho CRM, including a free version and various paid plans.

5. SharpSpring

Lead generation software from SharpSpring includes features like website tracking, behavioral email automation, an integrated CRM system, and a fully rebrandable platform. Landing page templates from SharpSpring are incredibly attractive and simple to convert.



  • Incorporates call tracking built-in for interacting with offline leads
  • Implementing automation is easy.
  • No long-term agreements
  • The dashboard provides everything you need to use the tool.
  • Outstanding client service


  • Unable to utilize social publishing tools such as SEO or social recommendations
  • The progressive profiling feature currently lacks a forward/back navigation button.
  • Not a visual builder of work flow.

Pricing details

SharpSpring Price plan

6. Real Geeks

A platform for lead generation called Real Geeks provides real estate agents with a range of tools to help them manage and create leads. The following are some benefits and drawbacks to using Real Geeks:

Real Geeks


  • Top-notch leads: Since Real Geeks generates leads by utilizing multiple data sources, their leads are frequently of a high caliber.
  • Advanced lead handling: Real Geeks provides sophisticated lead management solutions that assist agents in tracking and nurturing leads.
  • Adaptable: Real Geeks is highly customizable, which allows agents to tailor their strategies to their target audience.


  • Massive cost: Using Real Geeks can be expensive; some agents claim to spend more than $1,000 a month on the site.
  • Restricted branding options: Agents may find it difficult to set themselves apart from their rivals due to Real Geeks’ relatively restricted branding options.
  • Minimal reach: Because of its lesser usage, agents may not receive as many leads from Real Geeks as they could from other platforms.

Who must utilize it and why?

Agents who are willing to invest in lead generation and are searching for premium, customizable leads are the ideal candidates for Real Geeks.

Cost and pricing options:

Real Geeks offers a variety of pricing options, including a pay-per-lead option and a monthly subscription fee. Depending on the area and level of competition, the cost per lead can vary.


Any successful real estate agent must be able to generate leads, and there are a variety of tools and techniques at their disposal to assist. Although digital platforms such as SharpSpring, BoldLeads, Zoho CRM, Real Geeks, Zurple, and Zillow Premier Agent are capable of producing leads, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive lead generation strategy that incorporates both digital and conventional approaches.