10 Types of Power words to boost conversions

Power words are words that smart copywriters use to trigger a psychological response. We call them “power words” because they are so convincing, descriptive words that people simply can’t resist being influenced by them. These words can make us feel scared, encouraged, aroused, angry, greedy, safe, curious and may trigger a positive or negative emotional response.

Especially Authors, copywriters and content marketers use power words to boost conversions and to spice up their content and compel audiences to take some action. Your words become a gateway for all those expressions and feelings perspiring inside your soul.

It will give your ad copies a little more punch to boost your conversions. This will also give an extra personality and life to your writing — getting your target audience to pay close attention to your promotions.

A power word should have the natural ability to change a thought or idea through its:

  • Mood: evoke emotion and imagination
  • Meaning: convey a message or persuade to do something
  • Motivation: the reason for completing an action

Neil Patel analyzed 63 Google Search Console accounts, he found correlations between word choice and clickthrough rates.

Vanity Words

Vanity is one of the chief driving forces power words to boost conversions that lead to purchase decisions. The fact is, we buy into things because of how we think they will make us look, both to others, and ourselves. And it’s not just that we want to look good physically, but we also want to look successful. Use these powerful words to show how your offer (whether it’s a product, service, or lead magnet) will make your visitor look more attractive and more successful.

Ahead of your competitorsBoostPowerful
Always a step aheadCourageousSucceed

Sloth Words

Sloth is the avoidance of work: people are not motivated to do more than the absolute minimum work to achieve their online aims. Use these powerful words to make your lead magnets sound more digestible, to make your products sound more useful, and to make your headlines more enticing. Here are some bunch of sloth words:


Words on Calls to Action

Your call to action (CTA) needs to be powerful if you want to get the click. Using these words can help attract attention and encourage prospects to click through rather than click away.

Remember that a CTA has fewer words than a headline or other similar piece of copy. You can make it longer if necessary, but shortening it with snappy power words can make your job much easier. Additionally, you can add commas between power words to boost conversions and back even stronger punches.

  • Save Money and Time — Join Today
  • Don’t Miss Out on Our Free, Limited-Time Offer
  • Use Our Proven Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

“There is power in words what you say is what you Get.” – Zig Ziglar”

Anger Power Words

Anger is a rough emotion, and it often gets the best of us in trouble. Many different words are synonymous with anger – but that doesn’t mean they all have the same meaning. Some of these words are very close to one another, and a small shade of emotion is the only thing separating them. We’re ranking these according to the degree of the emotion involved. Just imagine the mercury in the thermometer slowly rising

AnnoyHate Stink

Words that evoke trust

Building trust between you and your readers is the foundation of good business. Trust is what drives a long-term and meaningful relationship between a brand with its customers.

According to research, one-third (33%) of American consumers say trusting a brand is important because they are struggling financially and cannot afford to waste any money on a bad purchase. You can use the following Power words to boost conversions and evoke a feeling of trustworthiness.

AdaptableMoneybackTry before you buy
Cancel anytimePay zeroTrack record
Don’t worryRefundVerify

Joy Words

The feeling of joy and happiness that drives your actions. Think about it, every time you are happy you want to share your news with the world. But when we are sad, we stayed all day in the darkness of our sorrows.

Try using the Joy power word to drive people to take positive actions.


Lust Words

Lust overtakes the ability to think rationally and often impact logical decisions badly. Lust is one of the core human emotions. The strong attraction for any item is also considered as lust. Adding lust words amplify the people’s desire towards any object. Since the logical core is collapsed, you may tweak your campaign to achieve the desired results.


Greed Words

Everyone’s a little greedy, whether they want the last slice of apple pie or they desire a higher salary. Appealing to greed can help you become a better marketer.

Depending on the types of online courses and other digital products you sell, you might be able to capture greed among your audience and convince them to convert. It’s all about suggesting a bargain or helping people attain what they want. Some of the most effective greed words include:

Save BonusInexpensive
Get MoreCashReduced
Earn MoreMoneyExtra
Marked DownReasonableBudget

“Your word is the power that you have to create; it is a gift.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Nonprofit Power Words

Now that you’ve got to know these words, why they’re important, and how to use them. Although words can make a sizable impact on your social channels, it’s important to not be heavy-handed with their use. If you overdo it, the words lose their power. This list of these words can help you motivate your audience to work alongside you in accomplishing your mission:

ProvenHow toCreate

Fear words

Fear is part of our primal instinct that keeps us safe from any danger. Using fearful words in our copy can persuade people into taking action to avoid a disaster or mishap. Here are some power words to boost conversions and that targets the fear :



Words have the power to change minds and evict emotion. Expressions speak about you but when you speak a word, those expressions are expressed by the choice of a word you use to speak up. The power of words is always available to us. These power words to boost conversions can be used to impact and improve the human condition. A good rule of thumb is to treat them like salt: use enough to enhance the taste, but don’t let it dominate the entire flavor. With the right touch and intent, you can acquire new donors, secure lifelong supporters, and drive recurring donations as you watch your campaigns grow. Hence choose your words wisely.

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