10 Competitor Analysis tools to beat your Rivals

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management involves assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and probable competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. It helps you gauge how to curb competitors and refine your strategy. Conducting a SWOT analysis is important because you’ll build strategies for how to expand into a new market. And, new age competitor tools can ease this whole process for you.

Identifying your competitors provides several benefits:

  1. You can identify the benchmarks you need to improve.
  2. Besides tracking your competitors’ moves, you can expect them, too.
  3. You can better understand your limitations or deficiencies that can cost you potential sales.


competitor analysis tools

SEMrush is one of the compact competitor analysis tools that is suitable for improving online visibility and discovering marketing perceptions. The tools and reports can help marketers that work in the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

competitor analysis tools
FeatureAnalyze Long Tail Keywords using Keyword Magic Tool.
Optimize Your Existing Blog Posts with On-Page SEO Checker
Optimize Your Site’s Technical SEO with Site Audit
Monitor Your Brand Outreach using Brand Monitoring Tool
Find New Link Building Opportunities with Link Building Tool.
ProsLocal position tracking
Keyword research
Site audits
Opportunities based on competitors
ConsDoesn’t come with an inbuilt SERP analysis feature.
White-label reports are only available in their highest plans.
Bulk Keyword difficulty scores can be a bit unreliable.
Free Plan7-day free trial 
Staring Price$99.95/month


competitor analysis tools

SimilarWeb is a website that provides web analytics services for businesses. The company offers its customers information on their clients’ and competitors’ website traffic volumes, referral sources which include keyword analysis and demographics, and website “stickiness”. SimilarWeb is used for estimation of the total amount of traffic different websites are getting. It allows you to see competitors’ top congestion sources, divided into different categories, including referring sites, social traffic, and top search keywords.

SimilarWeb is a website that provides web analytics services for businesses. It extrapolates data from a panel of web users who allow the monitoring of their internet activity, combined with direct observations for a subset of internet properties, such as websites’ traffic statistics.

competitor analysis tools
FeaturesComplete competitor website traffic analysis
Website data: visits, geography, keywords, referrals, etc
Engagement metrics: time on site, bounce rate, popular pages
See traffic share by channel (search, direct, display, etc.)
See traffic share by device: mobile and desktop traffic.
ProsGlobal data for users outside the US.
It has a rich free version
Excellent user interface.
Displays a global and useful general overview
The extensive data, including visits, traffic sources, audience metrics, search data, social media, geo-distribution, mobile apps, and more.
It provides organic keywords
Can export reports (only in PDF in the free version).
ConsIt sets the estimate of the traffic to full months only and this is not possible to set specific date ranges (in the free version).
It has approximations only desktop traffic without mobile and tablets.
The number of unique visitors is not available
With smaller websites, Traffic estimation should be treated carefully.
Free Plan1 month of mobile data, 3 months of web traffic data
Staring Price$79/ month


competitor analysis tools

SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors. Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on AdWords, every organic rank, and every ad variation.

SpyFu allows us to get insights into the terms used by competitors and helps us build a planned budget for paid search spend for new clients. It also now gives us insights into how our SEO efforts are faring. The information on the hyperlinks of competitors helps to discover places we should add to our client’s backlink profiles. This tool is an important part of our arsenal. I have been using it since the early days and am impressed with how the tool has matured.

competitor analysis tools
FeatureUnlimited Banklink Results.
Data Exports.
In-Depth SEO Reports.
Backlinks Exports.
AdWords Advisor Reports.
Domain Searches.Paid Keywords.
ProsFree feature
Accurate data
Provide competitive organic search data.
Allows you to identify organic keywords for future content creation.
ConsThe paid portion may seem a bit steep.
The free version is very limited with what you’re able to see.
Impact of brand terms.
Levels of impressions – local, national, global.
Exporting of competitor ad copy.
Free Plan30-day trial
Staring Price$39


competitor analysis tools

Buzzsumo is a powerful online competitor analysis tools that allows any user to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website. It can take hours to scan all the various social sites to find out what people are talking about and what their concerns and needs. Buzzsumo gathers information on what topics are gaining the most attention. It analyzes where certain topics are being discussed and how much attention these topics are getting.

competitor analysis tools
FeatureDelivering Content Insights
Find & Understand Influencers
Competitor Analysis & Comparisons
Content Alerts
Content Curation
View All Social Networks
Advanced Filtering & Data Export
ProsIdentifying competitor content in real-time
Backlink insights for content marketing
Facebook Analyzer
Hashtag search capabilities
Real-time data and analysis
ConsUser Interface
Customer Service.
Competitor advertising benchmark analysis
More robust SEO tools.
Free PlanOffers free trial
Staring Price$99


competitor analysis tools

BuiltWith is a lead generation software that allows users to perform advanced filtering on the lead lists. These lists are generated by accessing data from leads across the world. It is a sales intelligence software that enables its users to predict future leads and generate instant pre-defined prospect lists. It also provides an insight into the existing leads and enables users to categorize them based on spending, locations, and the technologies used. The lead lists generated help improve campaign management strategies and boost conversions.

competitor analysis tools
FeatureThe software provides information on market share and country based analytics for all web technologies.
BuiltWith helps users by enabling them to cover the entire market.
It provides data information about top traffic sites, paid websites, potentials, and more.
The software helps us in providing timely reports and notifications to its users when they are interested in any website.
API Access
BuiltWith has advanced features to help its users in lead generation, market analysis, and sales intelligence.
ProsThe tool lets you develop completely detailed marketing-lead lists.
Weekly, the product crawls and updates its data on billions of commercial pages.
Learning to use BuiltWith is easy
ConsIt does not include data mapping.
BuiltWith only integrates with three other business software products.
Free PlanAvailable
Staring Price$295/month


competitor analysis tools

Ahrefs is one tool used by the SEO and Digital Marketing industry. The tool’s purpose is linking profile analysis. With its help, you can gather all vital information about backlinks and measure the website parameters and the quality of links. Ahrefs simply rocks your SEO and reveals tons of marketing opportunities in a few clicks! Ahrefs is my favorite tool to find outstanding content ideas with a lot of traffic and business potential.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer combines three powerful SEO tools in one interface:

  • Organic traffic research – See what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which pages bring the most search engine traffic.
  • Backlink checker – See which websites link to your competitors’ sites and gauge the quality of their backlink profiles.
  • Paid traffic research – Learn whether your competitors are doing paid search advertising and where they funnel their paid traffic.
competitor analysis tools
FeatureDo keyword research for search engines
See ‘clicks’ data
Get total search traffic estimations
See backlink growth or decline over time.
Monitor outbound links
Get keyword ranking alerts
Analyze internal backlinks
ProsBacklink analysis
Link prospecting
Competitive analysis
ConsKeyword analysis
Content analysis
Technical insights.
Visualization of organic keywords drill-down
Site audit feature is weak
Free PlanStart Trial $7
Staring Price$99/month


competitor analysis tools

Alexa is an Amazon company. Founded in 1996, Alexa has a rich history of providing deep analytical insights to compare and optimize businesses on the web.No matter when you launched your site, a competitive analysis will help you be certain you’re speaking the language your audience understands. This is essential in content marketing.

Alexa is useful for three categories of online entrepreneurs:

  • Digital marketers: If you’re a digital marketer, Alexa gives you in-depth insights to optimize for users. It also provides tools to benchmark against your competition, helping understand the overall competitive landscape you are entering.
  • Site owners and publishers: You need accurate site metrics, such as monthly page views, monthly unique visits, time on site, bounce rate, and more. When you’re armed with accurate site metrics, you’ll be able to develop a content strategy that helps you thrive, even in this competitive age with a smart media presence on the right social channel.
  • Content strategists: These merchants occupy a very important position because they’re involved in research, idea generation, content creation distribution, and management.
competitor analysis tools
FeatureAudience Overlap Tool
Top Sites Search
Website Traffic Statistics
On-Page SEO Checker
Site Comparisons
Keyword Difficulty Tool
ProsReal-time analytics
Page ranking
Quality check-up
SEO, web traffic analytics, trends, website popularity, visitor engagement.
Page ranking and webpage standards.
ConsData delivery
Time zone mismatch with UTC.
Ad campaigns.
Keyword tags suggestions.
Free Plan30 day’s free trial
Staring Price$299/month


competitor analysis tools

This platform primarily focuses on competitor research regarding AdWords campaigns and keywords. You have the power to find profitable keywords by viewing statistics on the PPC keywords your competitors are bidding on. You can also see the volume of PPC keywords they are bidding on, the average position they show each ad in, the click volume from AdWords each month, and the monthly Pay Per Click budget for every competitor you research. iSpionage uses a proprietary Keywords Effectiveness Index that helps you find profitable keywords that have the highest search volume, while also assessing cost per keyword, and adds those high-performing keywords to your campaign.

You can also use iSpionage to gain a comprehensive list of keywords your competitors are bidding on in AdWords. The extensive list shows you specific ad copy, average rank for each ad, number of days each ad has been showing, and first and last seen date for each ad.

competitor analysis tools
Competing Product Analysis
Keyword Tracking
Trend Analysis
Website Monitoring
ProsIt offers full visibility of campaigns, funnels, and landing pages.
You can configure a campaign watch for specific competitors and get full weekly reports.
iSpionage allows creating keyword alerts as soon as they appear.
It doesn’t require downloading additional software to start using it.
ConsiSpionage is limited to the USA, Canada, and England markets.
It is more useful for professional marketers as its functionalities and graphics require a little more professional knowledge to get the best of the reports.
Free trial time might not be enough to try all its functionalities.
Free PlanAvailable.
Staring Price$59/month

Link Explorer

competitor analysis tools

Link Explorer is one of the best free challenging competitor analysis tools by digital marketing titan, Moz. It has replaced the now-unused Open Site Explorer tool. The Top Ranking Keywords feature displays popular competitor keywords and their monthly volume. Every keyword has a difficulty score showing how easy or hard it is to outrank your competitor.

competitor analysis tools
FeaturesGreat tool for assessing a website’s top pages in terms of inbound links.
Great whiteboard.
Transcription is great
ProsEstimating Page Authority and Site Authority
Listing Linking Domains and Pages
Gives you a quick overview of your client’s backlink health.
Easy to compare your website’s backlink profile with competitors.
It helps to Determine additional link opportunities that help to grow inbound links to your site.
ConsLack of immediate export of data.
They need advanced reports for managing larger websites which come at the cost of a subscription to Moz Pro.
Free PlanN/A
Staring Price$49/month


competitor analysis tools

WooRank is an SEO tool that helps its users increase traffic, generate leads, and boost sales. This is a cloud-based SEO tool, providing higher search engine rank, lead generation, competitor analysis tools tracking, and website reviewing. Useful for marketers in companies of all sizes, it helps them gain online ranking progress in a short time.

There is also a backlink analysis tool, providing data about the number of backlinks leading to the client’s website, along with backlink scoring.

competitor analysis tools
FeaturesSyncing Google Analytics
Syncing Google Search Console
Mobile Optimization Detection
Automatic website review
Dashboard with technical data
Prostraffic light systemsite crawlingcompetitor analysis
ConsWhen you want to download the same report twice, it counts as two different downloads.
Analysis of the results is a bit difficult
Free PlanAvailable
Staring Price$59.06/month

Final verdict

Competitive analysis is a crucial component of fine-tuning your marketing strategy. By using the right set of tools, you can run your analysis quickly and spend more time focusing on your efforts. If you want to create a successful organic traffic pipeline that frequently generates traffic, brand visibility, and helps to increase revenue, then these competitor analysis tools will be useful. This research list of competitor analysis tools has everything you need to perfect your marketing campaign. Use your competitors’ success to increase your web traffic. These tools put a lot of useful information about your competitors within reach that you can turn into insights to drive your marketing efforts.

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