The Newest Way to Reach Customers: Native Advertising

Every year, more media is made and consumed, particularly in 2022, when people are investing more time digitally than before. This opens up numerous opportunities for brands and advertisers. Customers have always suffered from ad fatigue due to traditional advertising. To make matters better, native advertising platforms are being developed as a means of smoothly overcoming this impediment, and they are becoming increasingly important in this age of mass online media.

What is Native Advertising?

It’s a type of paid advertising, but it works differently than conventional paid advertising. Native advertising employs written content. Usually, it’s an ad that is disguised as real content. Like conventional PPC ads in the Google SERPs, these have the word “ad” and are combined with other non-ad content in the results.

Native advertising follows the same rules as when it inserts other ads into written content. Generally, this advertising is presented in these ways:

  • Content recommendations
  • Search and promoted listings
  • In-feed ads

How Is Native Advertising Different?

In terms of comparison between native advertising and content marketing, both have different purposes. Native advertising wants to integrate and not spoil the viewers’ experience with the provided media and content. Native ads involve reaching new audiences through a third party with a settled audience. Rather than the content itself, it is a method of distributing it. Although it sounds the same as content marketing, the target is different.

On the other hand, content marketing is all about creating and promoting content that remains on your website or social media pages. The purpose of content marketing is to create followers, build a reader base, make yourself an industry expert, improve sales, increase engagement, show credibility, and create a trustworthy connection with your audience.

Native Advertising Examples

Here are a few native advertising examples that demonstrate how a native ad can appear across various web-based and social platforms:

1. Snapchat and Instagram Story Filters

Story filters on Snapchat or Instagram offer shareable and fun content that can connect users with a brand in intriguing ways. No matter if the filter is sponsored or not, audiences will use the content if it is entertaining. Filters can include things like editing methods with brand names, interactive quizzes, AR makeup overlays, or background graphics.

2. Spotify Playlists

Native advertising doesn’t need to come in the form of a blog or article post. Spotify, the big music player, can build custom playlists depending on a company’s products, services, or themes and employ Spotify’s user data to suggest particular playlists according to listening history.

3. Twitter Hashtags

You already know about sponsored hashtags on Twitter. Using these hashtags natively and engagingly can help improve your ads. Engaging with users to use your hashtag for various votes and challenges can increase your brand awareness and get the most use out of the paid brand tag.

4. Sponsored Article Posts

Sponsored articles promote various brands but will sometimes try to make the article content informative and useful to readers who seek a general topic but not an ad. By offering helpful data while abstaining from banners and pop-ups, sponsored content posts can bring audiences to one native advertising page.

Types of Native Advertising

You can find native ads across an array of different types:

1. Native Content

It takes the form of video or blog content that is directly published by the host publication. Generally, these carry a tag that states “Promoted Content” or “Sponsored by,” although they can be tough to recognize as an ad. Most of the readers have issues recognizing the sponsor of the native ad you found.

2. Native Display

These ads are regular kinds of display ads that can be found in social media feeds, news applications, retailer websites, and the Taboola-style suggested content at every page’s bottom.

3. Native Ad Exchanges

These are marketplaces that aid the buying and selling of media inventory between ad networks, publishers, and other ad exchanges. A native ad exchange sells inventory depending on real-time bidding. Also, it works more as an open market where advertisers can purchase ads across numerous websites simultaneously.

4. Native Ad Network

A native ad network gathers ad inventory from numerous publishers and provides these brand-new impressions to advertisers at exceptional prices. Ad networks also filter ad space offerings depending on the targeting choices and specifications of an advertiser.

Best Native Advertising Platforms

Here are five native ad platforms that are making a global buzz:

1. Ad.Style

Ad.Style Native Advertising

Established in 2015, Ad.Style has become a worldwide leader in native advertising and online marketing. Ad.Style, being the best native ad platform among all, has all the features you require for running successful digital campaigns.

This platform aims to deliver intriguing, new, and interesting content to global users and make a better space for readers, advertisers, and publishers. The team at Ad.Style helps advertisers and publishers accomplish their targets and helps customers choose a more systemized method to increase their earnings.

Different payment methods available to the publishers are:

  • Check: You will receive a pay check at your email address.
  • Direct Deposit: The payer transfers funds electronically to the recipient’s account.
  • PayPal: It’s an online payment method.
  • Wire Deposit: Credit unions and banks use this method for basic deposits. This service is all about sending money around the world electronically.

2. Taboola


Apart from Ad.Style, if you are looking for a genuine pioneer in building native ads as an important tool for online marketers, go for Taboola. It’s a superb choice for bringing in page views and traffic. Top publishers like USA Today, The Huffington Post, etc. use this platform.

Along with being highly advantageous for affiliate marketers, Taboola functions as a content discovery tool. It brings new and engaging content to a broader audience. Taboola offers different advice pieces, topical data, service or product suggestions, or just entertaining and engaging material to keep clients globally engaged.

More details about Taboola:

  • Available ad formats: content suggestions, in-feed ads
  • Top verticals: dating, finance, eCommerce, health, and technology.
  • Advertising partners: Bloomberg, MSN, Business Insider, The USA Today, NBC, Huffpost, CBS News, The Daily Mail, ESPN, and others are among the advertising partners.



MGID is the right choice for digital marketers who want to start with a self-service platform. With this platform, you can create lots of ad impressions while focusing on your business requirements and marketing objectives. Moreover, this native advertising network can quickly and easily scale your organization’s ad publishing scope with the use of real-time analytics.

MGID aims to build a new age of online media by making ad interactions as intriguing as they are pleasant with organic content recommendation and discovery engines. This global native ad platform provides income growth for every stakeholder in the digital ad sector.

More details about MGID:

  • Pricing models: RevShare, CPM, and CPC with a minimum payment threshold of $100
  • Available ad formats: content suggestions
  • Ad inventory: Insider Monkey, Medical Daily, HITC, MSN,, Napoli Magazine, IBT, etc.
  • Top verticals: education, finance, dating, travel, real estate, eCommerce, automotive, health and beauty, technology, and binary.

4. Outbrain


Outbrain is yet another top-tier self-serve native advertising platform used by major publishers such as The Guardian and the BBC. The world’s largest media agencies and brands trust this platform to deliver their content to billions of online clients.

This ad network allows publishers to use top DSPs via programmatic native ad demand. It is known as the “native traffic” ad network for advertisers looking to connect with a highly engaged audience. It also helps publishers who are looking to better control, manage, and monetize their ad space via client-oriented ad content.

More details about Outbrain:

  • Ad inventory: BBC, MSN, SkyNews, Wall Street Journal, Time, WIRED, The Guardian, El Mundo, etc.
  • Pricing models: CPM and CPC with no minimum payment.
  • Available ad formats: search and promoted listings, in-feed ads, content suggestions, and content widgets.
  • Top verticals: automotive, eCommerce, health and beauty, finance, technology, and apps.

5. TripleLift


TripleLift is one of the leading programmatic advertising platforms for native advertising. It allows OTT and native publishers to monetize their inventory via its demand associates and partners. TripleLift has teamed up with major organizations like Nestle, Microsoft, and Verizon. Their premium publications include CNN, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, eBay, and the BBC.

This advertising network provides the option of having an expert account manager and a client support team assist with the running of ad campaigns. Apart from offering native advertising, TripleLift also offers different other ad types like video, image, and sponsored contents.

More details about TripleLift:

  • Supported ad formats: video, in-article, carousel, and in-feed ads.
  • Pricing models: CPC and CPM, with the maximum CPM rate being $3.00.
  • Reach: 35 billion impressions every week.
  • Targeting features: exclusion lists, devices, and Geolocation.
  • Minimum payment threshold: $50 only.


Successful native advertising platforms provide amazing revenue streams to publishers who are always ready to explore something new. These networks that will provide you with a glimpse into the latest trends like chatbots, influencer marketing, etc.