32 Top Paying AdSense Alternatives for Your Website

Google is the internet’s top dog with a significant lead in the cost per click market with AdSense. It’s the most well-known platform for monetizing the empty space on your website. There are many Google AdSense alternatives, which are particularly handy. It makes sense to have a secondary source of income, and there are many solid options on the market. 

What is Google Adsense?

In mid-2003, Google launched Adsense. It is one of the most popular advertising programs on the internet. It gives webmasters and publishers with many ways to monetize their visitors.
Both marketers and publications enjoy Google’s high degree of security and openness. Every day, it blocks hundreds of accounts for not adhering to Google’s policies. Furthermore, Google AdSense income is restricted to website or app traffic. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the story. On the internet, there are many Google AdSense alternatives. 

How does Google Adsense work?

Website owners who wish to make money from advertising banners or links sign up for AdSense. Billing is done by the commission based on the number of clicks on certain advertising. The advertising that are integrated are usually contextual.

In the CPC market, Google AdSense is the biggest  alternative. We refer it as a Google AdWords complement. AdWords is great for online stores and service providers. Whereas, AdSense is better for website and blog owners. Advertisers invest money in online advertising using AdWords. As a Google AdSense partner, you get a cut of the money paid to Google by AdWords customers for online advertising.

Classic text ads and advertising banners are the most often used advertising formats. Apps and mobile sites can use AdSense inserts as well. With games and films, the possibility of having interactive media adverts has been available for quite some time. AdSense allows you to customize the colors and visuals of your advertisements, as well as choosing which pages they should appear on. 

The quality guidelines are an important part of Google AdSense. Before giving access to the AdSense program, Google does a check. There are a few content and technical factors to consider. It’s also vital that the sites don’t allow pornographic or violence promoting content. The selling of tobacco, alcohol, and weapons are also reasons for the site’s rejection. Copyright infringements and alleged click fraud are main reasons for the site being restricted. Participants are checked on a regular basis by Google, which implies that sites can be removed from the platform at any time.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Google Adsense

  • Implementation is simple. To get good revenue, we need to do continuous optimization.
  • Suitable for both small and large websites At any point, blocking is possible.

Which Type of Website Is Best for Adsense?

Google AdSense can be used on any sort of website. But, some varieties are best adapted to have Adsense adverts displayed on them. Let’s take a look at the different types of websites that work well with Adsense:

  • One of the most popular is blogs. Ads might be a terrific strategy to monetise your material if you’re a blogger who publishes high-quality content to an audience.
  • Forums are a terrific method for people to communicate around a topic while still earning money through Adsense.
  • If you run a website that provides a free tool or product, advertising are one way to recoup some of your costs.
  • The message here is that any site with consistent traffic is a good candidate for Adsense.

Why Should I Look for Adsense Alternatives?

For many years, Google Adsense has been one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their website.  But, this does not imply that it is the only option. There are a plethora of options and reasons to investigate alternative advertising platforms.

You may already have an Adsense account, but you’d like to diversify your sources of income. Or, you might wish to keep the Adsense advertisements running while adding some new revenue streams. You’re hoping to make more money from your ad space than you are with Adsense right now.

Top Google AdSense alternatives

In theory, every website owner can make their site available as a platform for others to advertise on. The space must be detectable in order for the website owner to be reimbursed. CPC (cost per click) is the most common pricing model, owing to the ease with which it is possible to detect clicks on websites. Every time an advertiser’s ad is clicked on, the website owner receives a commission from the advertiser.

Because there are so many factors, the cost of a click varies. Advertisers consider the website’s quality as well as its reach. The type of ad, as well as its placement on the page, is critical. Publishers consider the CTR (click-through rate) when deciding their commission. When determining which adverts to accept or offer, the relevance of the advertiser’s own content is also vital. As a result, both the publisher and the advertiser decide on the cost of a CPC.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, the CPC model generates money when an ad is clicked. TCPs (thousand contact price), which is all about ad impressions, are also taken into account by some providers. 


This Google AdSense alternative that gives you unique access to Yahoo and Bing search results. Its ad formats are quite like AdSense. Contextual ads, display ads, mobile ads, interstitial ads, and in-content ads are a few examples. As a result, it might be considered one of the Google AdSense alternatives.

When it comes to their service, Media.net takes few days to let your account and gives you an extra 10% of your earnings for the first three months. But, be wary of these AdSense alternatives, as they are notorious for cancelling accounts without warning. As a result, make sure you read and obey all the guidelines.


Evadav is a push notification advertising network. They offer a variety of ad formats, including banners, video sliders, and native advertisements for both desktop and mobile.

When a person signs up for your push notification system, they stay connected to your account for life. This provides you with a steady stream of revenue. Evadav also features a referral scheme that pays you 5% of referred publishers’ revenue. This allows you to earn even more passive income with very little effort. All websites are approved to guarantee that advertisements are brand-safe. This ensures that you receive high-quality traffic and reliable advertisements.


Choose it if you are in one of these niches, such as videos or movies, entertainment, software, gaming, dating, or finances. They are considered giants of pop-under networks since they give amazing pop-under ads.

Pop-under advertising are like pop-up ads, with the exception that they appear after the website has been closed. Because pop-up advertising appear and disappear. They also offer native ads and push notification ads. It’s also one of the most popular and effective Google AdSense alternatives.

PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, and Webmoney are the most common methods of payment. As a result, with a minimum of 5 USD, you have many withdrawal choices. PropellerAds is regarded as one of the top Google AdSense alternatives. It offers a wide range of ad designs as well as well-structured and tried monetization methods. They also have a distinct fill rate for countries in Tiers 2 and 3. So, if you’re from India, Singapore, or South Africa, PropellerAd is one of the greatest AdSense options for you.

MadAds Media

It is a media company based in the United States. It offers exceptional fill rates and high-quality traffic. It has partnered with over 100 ad networks and the internet’s most well-known brand advertisers.

CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL are few of the ad campaigns accessible, making it one of the most adaptable alternatives to Adsense. You can also optimize your ad placement and positioning generate the most money. To be accepted, your site must have at least 10,000 daily visitors and be well-designed.


Your AdSense or other Google AdSense alternatives earnings are limited. And, depending on your site’s traffic during that period, restricting your revenue. With Audienceplay, you no longer have to limit your monetization potential with the audience to your website or app.

Audienceplay allows you to monetise your audience wherever in the internet ecosystem. You will not be limited to the site’s traffic. As a result, you may turn your audiences into an endless source of money. It enables you to create, track, and analyze tailored audience segments. and other factors in real time. With crowd play’s Audience extension feature, these segmented audiences may be monetized.

Not only that, but Audienceplay also allows you to use Google AdSense at the same time. As a result, it serves as a supplement to your existing revenue streams rather than an AdSense replacement.

InfoLinks is a global advertising platform that tries to send brand messages to consumers who are interested in them.  They assist the publishers in monetizing their unused advertising space. 

The ads are adjustable and give a unique positioning to increase click-through rate. This is done without interfering with the website’s style and feel. They can provide relevant adverts at optimal times by employing a clever algorithm to detect relevance and intent.

Infolinks’ free native ad segment mixes in with all other kinds of advertising, posing no risk to customers. Each product is personalized, whether it’s a successful video & contextual ad or engaging display banners. 

If you run a small website or blog, don’t be concerned. Customers are chosen by Infolinks depending on their quality. It’s no surprise that they collaborate with Mughals such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Hyundai, Pizza Hut, and others.

  • It is simple to join the network. Because the CPC isn’t great, you’ll need a lot of traffic to make it viable.
  • In-text advertisements are easy to put onto your website, but they can slow it down.
  • Having the ability to earn more money than AdSense


Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network. It helps advertisers and publishers discover the ideal match. Bidvertiser helps you get the most out of your adverts by leveraging pre-screened traffic sources. To control and optimize your ad targeting, all the traffic is categorized.

It also has a referral scheme that compensates for both advertiser and publisher referrals. This ensures that your ad network continues to generate passive income.


PopCash is a popunder network with active publishers that has a global reach. With speedy approval, you can get your campaigns up and running in no time. You can always improve the efficiency of your adverts by using detailed information and targeting features. By adding the popunder code to the necessary pages publishers can start generating extra cash in a few minutes.

PopCash can be used in conjunction with AdSense or other advertising options. This maximize the revenue potential of your website.


This advertising network pays you by CPC or CPM, which means you don’t have to wait for visitors to click on an ad to get paid. You are paid for them viewing the CPM ad once it’s been served.

Adbuff is an excellent option if you’re seeking for AdSense alternatives with high payment rates. Publishers receive 90% of advertiser revenue. This makes this one of the finest ad revenue distributions available online. All advertisements are appropriate for family audiences. So, you can rest assured that your site will have brand-safe advertisements.

Adbuff only accepts English-language sites. Which are getting major traffic from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. To get accepted, your site must receive at least 2,000 monthly visitors. Only national marketers with a $1,000 monthly budget or more are considered.


If you’re searching for a flexible advertising platform with a variety of ad formats and payment options, Adsterra is the way to go. You may pick and choose the types of ads and campaigns to run with Adsterra.

Web push notifications, pop-unders, direct links, and banners are among the ad forms they offer. Adsterra accepts PayPal, WebMoney, bitcoins, and ePayments as payment methods. They pay on time and without any problems. You may now make money with your website or blog with ease. For publishers, Adsterra is one of the top Google AdSense alternatives.

Furthermore, when it comes to advertising networks, a bi-weekly payment plan is almost unheard of. Although, to be fair, due to the $100 rule, only a few customers will be able to take use of it right away.

  • Ad system based on widgets.
  • Thanks to its API, it can create a variety of responsive widgets. This includes galleries, streams, infinite scrolling, and modifications.
  • Allows you to change the picture to text ratio as well as the layout of your widgets.
  • Allows you to change the appearance of your widgets on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) elements can be added to your widgets.
  • Allows widgets to be displayed over a Secure Sockets Layer connection (SSL).
  • Allows you to see how your widgets will appear before you add them to your website.


Sonobi’s ad exchange works similarly to others. But they also offer one of the fastest-growing premium exchanges. You will get  exclusive access to advertisers that other networks lack. They’ve worked hard to expand their advertiser base and work with a wide range of advertisers, which can have an impact on quality. Their campaigns are usually vertically focused. And they use higher CPMs to compensate for infrequent quality issues.

SHE Media

This media company focuses on women. It specializes in monetizing female-targeted blogs and websites. The SHE Media Partner Network, which was created by and for women, provides publishers with a large audience. The network aspires to establish a community of premium content for women of all ages and stages of life.

They offer sponsored posts and paid product reviews in addition to advertising. This offers publishers even more possibilities for outstanding content and profit.


RevenueHits is a pay-for-performance ad network that rewards you for your achievements (CPA). The platform has matured to the point where it can learn from the advertising that are displayed. You should leave them running for few days to get the most benefits. There are a variety of channels to choose from, and thus a variety of ways to earn money. Your account is approved right away, and the platform offers the best payouts in the market. Banner advertising, sliders, buttons, and pop-ups can all be created.

  • With years of experience in the sector, I have a strong network.=
  • There aren’t many advertisers, so there aren’t many adverts that are relevant to your blog’s content.
  • Observes your adverts and learns from them.
  • There are many monetization options accessible.

Amazon PartnerNet

The Amazon affiliate partner program offers a variety of advertising options. This includes banners of various sizes and other content-related advertisements. The Amazon self-optimizing connections are particularly intriguing. They operate in a similar manner to other affiliate marketing partnerships. Because the publisher earns 10% of the sales generated by the advertisement, simple clicks on Amazon ads aren’t going to benefit them much.

  • As a result, a trustworthy source has a positive impression on visitors. 
  • The process of integrating widgets is pretty difficult.
  • A large number of categories to choose from a low individual commission
  • Commission is based on the total amount spent in the shopping cart.

Ad Exchange (AdX)

Publishers can use Google’s Ad Exchange to access advanced monetization techniques. This includes header bidding, which can help them earn more money. Many of the world’s major websites, including Forbes.com and NFL.com, use it. Ad Exchange gives publishers a lot more control over their inventory.

  • For the ad categories PMP and Private Auction, advanced filtering and blocking are available.
  • Flexible reporting based on publisher-defined criteria
  • Vendor preventing access
  • Increased revenue by allowing more advertising demand to be met.

You must, however, be categorized as a recommended publisher with million visitors to gain access to Ad Exchange. 


Ezoic is another a popular Adsense replacement. We advise you to give it a shot. We ran some testing with Ezoic, and the results were fantastic. 


If you’re seeking for high-quality ads as well as speedy approvals, RevContent is the best Google AdSense option for you. They specialize in delivering high-quality native advertisements. Native advertisements by RevContent mix in seamlessly with the website. This gives the impression that they ary another piece of content. RevContent is an excellent AdSense substitute for bloggers and owners of entertainment-oriented websites.

Because of their amazing native ad network, it is one of the most popular Google AdSense alternatives among publishers.

In our perspective, Revcontent’s widget approach is as inconspicuous as advertisements can go. This makes it a fantastic fit for publishers who are concerned about the impact of adverts on their sites on user experience.

You can edit your widgets from top to bottom to ensure that they reflect the look of your site, in addition to choosing which campaigns to display.

The disadvantage of Revcontent is that, new publishers are admitted with great caution. To increase your chances, we recommend waiting until you’ve established up a robust content base before applying.


Monumetric, formerly The Blogger Network, is a full-service ad revenue partner. It helps you boost your site’s revenue while maintaining the greatest possible user experience for your visitors.

They pay per impression rather than per click. So, you get paid for each one, and their pay rates are among the best for CPM campaigns. Revenue is far larger than AdSense, making this a good option for boosting your passive income.

But, you’ll need to be confident that you can drive enough traffic to make the investment worthwhile.


AdNow claims to monetize your traffic. They specialize in giving the best native ads that are widget-based. Adnow is the perfect platform for you if you want to monetize your site with native adverts.

They currently have a large publisher network, and their long-term goal is to develop a hybrid ad structure. This one-of-a-kind ad format will combine native ads with media banners in a single campaign. This benefits both clients and businesses.


BuySellAds is a service that helps you sell advertising space on your website. While you have complete control over the price of your ad space, it’s critical to avoid pricing yourself out of the market.

BuySellAds delivers polite, brand-safe placements instead of obtrusive or irritating ads. This is done via advertising channels like as display, native performance, sponsored content, and emails. You get the most out of every impression by distributing advertising to their network of qualified audiences.

Your site is checked for quality when you submit it for approval. Only high-quality English-language websites are accepted.


PopAds specializes in delivering popunder advertisements. It claims to be the highest-paying advertising network for this form of ad. Pop Unders are provided by PopAds, a specialized provider. They monetize all countries and offer competitive rates. On the basis of both income and service, PopAds is one of the finest paying Google AdSense alternatives.

They specialize in pop-ups, tab ups, and tab unders and give high-quality adverts. They also have various monetization strategies. Which makes it one of the most powerful Google AdSense alternatives. PopAds’ approval procedures are not stringent. Instead, you’d find it quite simple to place your ad there.

Both advertisers and publishers can enjoy a referral program. There are many targeting options available to help you better your advertising, and you have complete control over how much you pay. It employs a cutting-edge bidding system that allows you to set your own price for each popunder. You’ll get fewer traffic if your bid is lower. Humans check all publisher websites to ensure that they fulfill specific quality standards.


AdClickMedia provides marketers and website CPM and PPC advertising solutions. They also provide subscription advertising. And, allows you to place ads on thousands of influential blogs and websites. There are no minimum traffic criteria, so it’s a terrific way for newer or lower-traffic sites to boost their revenue.


Adversal is a self-serve advertising platform that allows you to put up your adverts in a matter of minutes. They put your preferences first and even let you choose the types and sizes of ad banners before you publish your ad. 

Its user-friendly design makes it simple and intuitive to start, stop, and pause campaigns. You may simply leave it to work once you’ve set everything up.

It’s also one of the few ad network services that offers an affiliate program with additional earning opportunities. As a result, among website owners, it is one of the most widely used Google AdSense alternatives. In addition, they expedite approval. Their restrictions, on the other hand, are exceedingly rigorous.

Amazon Associates

We’ve all heard of Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company. They have a presence in practically every industry throughout the world, and ad networking schemes are nothing new to them.

They do not supply CPM or pay-per-click advertisements. If you sell an Amazon-sold product, Amazon Associate is one of the best Adsense options for you. You can earn a tiny percentage of a commission from Amazon affiliates for every item sold through your website’s link.

Amazon associates are useful for advertising local products and bringing visitors to your blog from the local area. Regardless of their location Amazon pays those publishers immediately via wire transfer. As a result, Amazon Associates has become a popular AdSense option for small businesses and local retailers.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

For a long time, bloggers have relied on Amazon’s affiliate network to supplement their income. But, Amazon Native Shopping Ads are a new high-reward approach to monetise your site.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads, like AdSense ads, are contextual. Which means they show relevant products depending on the page content and keywords. If a user makes a buy after clicking on the ad, you will be paid a commission, regardless of whether the item clicked on was purchased.

Amazon is the world’s most popular ecommerce site. And, their conversion rate is far higher than that of almost any other ecommerce competitor. With very little work, you can take advantage of this unrivaled traffic and conversion rate to generate passive cash.


Adcash can assist you in selecting the most appropriate advertisements for your website or blog. It’s also possible that it’ll be one of your Google AdSense options. They have banners, push alerts, and native ads available for both desktop and mobile.

They are a self-serve online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, and publishers. Adcash makes use of smart ad technology to provide users with a smooth experience.


Some people hunt for better-paying alternatives to Google AdSense, and ylliX meets the bill. It is a mobile and desktop advertising network. It offers popunder ads, mobile redirection, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads.

Easy account approval, fair rates, daily payouts, detailed reports, and 100% fill rates are all provided by ylliX. They also provide a self-serve portal where you may manage your campaigns completely on your own. It may also prove to be the greatest adsense option for you.


Finding the correct advertising network might be difficult because we’re all trying to figure out how to make the most money. Then you may just go with Adblade because their CPM and CPC programs offer a good compensation.

With Adblade’s largest content-style ad platform, it’s simple to make a lot of money. They also provide sponsored material and display ads.


Adblock by AdRecover has generated a slew of problems for individuals who rely on advertising revenue. AdRecover hopes to change this by partnering with adblock providers. This offers static, non-intrusive, and UX-compliant advertising to those who use ad blockers.

This means you’ll be able to reach out to difficult-to-reach users who would otherwise be unavailable owing to the use of ad blockers.


Carbon is an invite-only ad network for publications who publish content linked to the tech industry. If you believe your website meets Carbon’s criteria, you can visit their website and request to be considered for membership. Carbon seeks to use native display advertisements. These are non-intrusive and provide a great user experience.

Skimlinks automates the affiliation of your commerce content. So, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about affiliate links.

This solution may improve all your commerce efforts by updating your commerce content with affiliate links. Through the VIP Program, you can identify merchants who provide special commissions.


Primis is a popular way to include native video advertising into your website. They provide a range of player formats to ensure that your sites are well-suited. Primis uses an AI discovery process, audience targeting, and contextual targeting. This is used to deliver relevant ads depending on the content of your website. You can use native video advertising units without having to own any video content. 


Connatix is another excellent online video player. It allows you to broadcast native video advertising that are tailored to each individual visitor. They can help you monetise your content with their platform, which includes an integrated ad exchange and ad server. Connatix’s technology reduces the amount of work that editorial teams have to do. The program recognizes public figures. And, automatically assigns categories and tags to video recordings. It also recognizes brands and businesses automatically. Publishers who wish to use data to close direct deals can enjoy these contextual insights.

Final Thoughts – Google Adsense alternatives

As you can see, there are a lot of Google AdSense alternatives. AdSense, on the other hand, is still one of the best, if not the best, ad networks available. Most other ad networks are unable to fill more ad space, give higher CPMs, or produce better outcomes. Please take a look at our AdSense training. In any case, what works for one publisher may or may not work for another. You still need to test ad networks, ad layouts, and header bidding, among other things.

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