Digital Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Industry

The beauty industry has experienced a radical change over the last decade. Like with fashion and luxury, the dawn of social media – along with other digital innovations – is transforming the way consumers discover and shop for beauty brands, forcing marketing professionals to constantly innovate. Digital technologies paved the way for eCommerce and social media, enabling new business models and communication channels for brands to tap into. For consumers, it is no longer just about the product. Instead, they have become experience-focused and the role of social media continues to grow.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Industry: Statistics

  • 95% people who want beauty related advice or any sort of beauty related content head to YouTube.
  • As of 2016, there are 15 Billion beauty related videos on YouTube.
  • The top 25% of beauty influencers have a shocking 115x more subscribers than top beauty brands.
  • A recent survey found that 82% women think that social media influences real life beauty trends.
  • 92% make up users get their information on make-up products from either from an Instagram Influencer or a YouTube Blogger.

Fact Check
As of 2016, there are 15 Billion beauty related videos on YouTube. Can you guess how many of them were created or outsourced by beauty brands? Just 3% Yes that’s right, 97% of the content put up on YouTube is User Generated Content.

Create compelling content

  • Every marketer understands that the struggle to win our audience’s attention is real. Everyone’s creating content but it takes a great story to truly capture the audience.
  • User-generated content is all about actual consumers providing their authentic views or feelings about a specific brand, which is far more valuable to a prospective buyer.
  • Beauty brands have again understood the power of user-generated content.


  • Clearly defined brand values coupled with an in-depth understanding of your target customer make up for a great foundation for your local digital strategy.
  • Localize your campaigns & content, collaborate with local influencers, and prioritize social channels where you can best reach your audience.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Authors

  • Brands educate followers via how-to’s and tutorials. Such how-tos provide an engaging medium to show off products in action.
  • Social media and the beauty industry is all about entertaining, bite-sized how-tos.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Industry

Giveaways and contests

  • Beauty brands are proof that social media contests aren’t going anywhere.
  • A way to both encourage new followers and reward their current ones, there’s a reason why giveaway posts are often the most liked and commented-on for many brands.
  • Giveaways are more about just creating buzz and hype, though.
  • Tag-a-friend contests and giveaways encourage UGC are low-hanging strategies for brands to instantly introduce themselves to entirely new audiences.

Social Media Hashtags for Beauty Brands

  • Having a branded hashtag is a must-have these days.
  • Able to see how your content spreads on different social media channels.
  • Help you to establish the social media reach of your posts.
  • Help you spot the negative comments about your brand.
  • Build a library of photos you can use as clients’ testimonials.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Industry 2

Running influencer campaigns

  • Influencers are synonymous with social media and the beauty industry.
  • Brands are able to introduce themselves to highly engaged audiences, while the influencer gains clout from working with an established brand.
  • Influencer content typically performs well for the same reason that user-generated content does.

Video marketing

  • Video marketing is often considered the big, scary thing you won’t have time and resources for. But it’s simply too big to miss.
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine there is. And the audience is there, actively searching for the content they need. It’s a great opportunity you can’t miss.

Video Marketing importance

Optimizing Product Launch Schedule

  • Adjust your product launch schedule according to trends you see on social media or gaps you can easily identify in the market when your followers ask you for products.
  • You can build up expectation announcing launch dates to your community, no longer relying on Christmas or Valentine’s Day for peak sales.

Help Your Customers Through Your Blog– ‘Answer them’

  • In any high-valued product selling, providing in-depth details helps better and informed purchase decision.
  • Therefore, in beauty brand digital marketing, the blog is at the core to create interest, engage, convince and eventually convert the incoming traffic.

Experimental Marketing

  • Consumers today are looking for dynamic and engaging experiences with brands. Beauty brands are quick to capitalize on experiential marketing.
  • We’re talking pop-ups, immersive events, direct SMS text services, and installations that are extremely social-media-worthy.          

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media channels are the perfect tool to provide this inspiration.
  • From Facebook to YouTube, to Instagram, beauty brands are ahead of the curve when it comes to social media marketing adoption.
  • Beauty brands should also take advantage of these social channels to entice customers to come to their stores.      

Social Media Marketing Stats

Fact Check
In Facebook’s official survey, 80% use Instagram to decide whether to buy a product or service.

Digital marketing trends are revolutionizing how the beauty industry markets and projects to customers. Much like the fashion industry, there’s lots of new hurdles and new territory to be conquered, but there are plenty of ways to come out on top of the marketing game. Several brands in the beauty industry are already succeeding with digital marketing, so when in doubt, take a look at the competition. It’s time to put your best digital foot forward.