21 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging

Building credibility through blogging can lead to a plethora of money-making opportunities. If you provide value through your material, it will undoubtedly lead to many opportunities.

It is possible to make money blogging, whether it is a hobby blog or a commercial site. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if done correctly, you could make enough to sustain yourself and your family. Let’s get started and learn how you may benefit from your blog.

The most important thing to remember is that you cannot make money blogging by simply putting your site up and leaving it there. Most bloggers don’t notice a significant increase in income for several months (if not years) after they start their site. We’ve covered some of the tried-and-true strategies for making money blogging in this article.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

For most well-known bloggers, affiliate sales account for a significant portion of their income. Affiliate marketing, which involves recommending other firms’ services, digital items, and physical products in exchange for a commission, is one of the finest ways to generate passive money from your blog.

Pat Flynn made $53K in affiliate sales last month, compared to “just” $9,500 in book sales.

For those who don’t know, if you find a product or service that you enjoy, you may link to it from your blog, and you’ll make a tiny commission if people buy something after clicking on your link.

This is an excellent technique to generate money in the beginning because you don’t need a lot of visitors to make money.

If you have good content, 100 people might view your blog post, and if one of them clicks and buys one of the things you recommend, you’ll make some money.

In general, go for higher-priced affiliate products; web hosting firms are a wonderful option if your specialty allows it.

There are a few distinct sites where affiliate programs can be found.

  • Share a Sale
  • CJ.com Commission Junction
  • Amazon

The Trick to get started

  • Make a list of the items and applications you use.
  • Develop your blog in order to be accepted into the affiliate program.
  • Join affiliate marketing schemes.
  • Create material that revolves on that product.

You can check this review that we have written for Hostinger Web Hosting. Here, we have used the affiliate assests.

Sell Digital Products


Selling an instructional product is the next approach to generate money from blogging.

  • EBooks, for example, fall into this category.
  • Online workshops/courses
  • People can utilize images, video, or music in their own material.
  • Apps, plugins, and themes are all options.

The concept is that you have an information product on your website that you lead people to, and if you can persuade them that it is valuable enough, they will purchase it.

Have a thorough understanding of your field? Make an ebook out of it and sell it on your blog.

A few authors have turned their blogging fame into a significant publication contract.

In 2015, Mark Manson, for example, wrote a blog article titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. After millions of readers, he landed a book deal with Harper Collins, selling over 3,000,000 copies in the United States alone.

Books that have been self-published have also proven successful. Choose Yourself by James Altucher is undoubtedly the most well-known success story among bloggers, having sold over 500,000 copies.

Select a product that will appeal to your website’s visitors. Determine who your target market is and what they require. This is where you should spend some time getting to know your audience and determining what they desire. This can be challenging because you may not have much of an audience to communicate with when you first start out.

Simply look at what themes and posts are attracting readers to your blog and figure out how to create a product that meets their needs.

Monetize with Advertising


Placing advertisements on a blog is one of the most prevalent ways for bloggers to make money. There are two sorts of adverts that are widely used:

Ads with a Cost Per Click (CPC) model: Ads that are cost per click (also known as pay per click) are typically banners that you post in your content or sidebar. You are compensated each time a reader clicks on your ad.

Ads at a cost per thousand impressions (CPM): CPM advertising, or “cost per 1,000 impressions,” are advertisements that pay you a set sum based on how many people see your ad.

Joining an ad network is usually how you make money. Google AdSense, for example, is open to almost anyone, and you can later advance to more selective networks like Mediavine and AdThrive.

Google AdSense is probably the most common network for displaying these types of adverts. You don’t have to deal directly with advertisers with this program; you simply display the banner on your site, Google selects advertising that is appropriate to your content, and your visitors click on the ads. If AdSense doesn’t work for you, there are a plethora of other options, like Chitika, Infolinks, and Media.net.

Keep in mind that you aren’t confined to selling banner ad spaces. Consider renting out space on your pop-up box, social media headers, and the “P.S.” on your email newsletters, among other things.

Some advertisers aren’t satisfied with just a banner ad or a sponsored article; they want the whole feast. A site sponsorship is when a company buys the exclusive right to advertise on your website. This could include banner adverts, mentions in your pop-up, and their emblem on your blog banner, among other things.

Because it is so passive, this is a fantastic way to make money. The difficulty is that you won’t have a lot of traffic at first, especially if you’re just starting out. You might make some money, which is good, but you’re not going to make a lot of money at first with this. However, as your site expands, this might be a lucrative cash stream.

Speak at conferences


Your blog can earn you money immediately online, but it isn’t your only possibility. If your blog takes off and you become known as an expert in your field, you might be amazed at how many offers to speak at conferences you receive. Make use of the knowledge and experience you’ve gained from your blog to become a local speaker or presenter. It’s also extremely profitable.

Offer consulting services


You can offer yourself as a consultant to various businesses if you have a blog on a specific marketable topic. Consultants are needed in almost every industry. Charge by the hour for the counsel you’re probably already giving away for free over the phone, email, or Skype. The hardest aspect is finding clients, but if your blog’s material is attracting the proper individuals, you can do it.

Even if your audience is limited, providing some coaching or consulting online can earn you a surprisingly comfortable livelihood, even if it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This technique can be used in practically any niche. All you need to do is know what you’re doing and believe in the value you’re offering clients.

Sell Private Ads

advertisment 2

When it comes to selling ads, working with advertising networks isn’t your only option. If your site has enough traffic, advertisers may approach you directly and request that their ad be placed on your site. You can also reach out to advertisers on your own. The most significant difference from the previous choice is that there is no middleman, allowing you to establish your own ad rates.

Banners, buttons, and links can all be used to sell private ads. You can make money in a variety of ways with this. You could, for example, charge a one-time fee for a link in a post. If you’re hosting banner adverts, you may bill your partner on a monthly basis.

Bonus tip: You may also offer sponsorship space in your email newsletters (here are 5 best email marketing software ), podcasts, and videos to increase your income.

Sponsored social content


Use your Facebook page to promote businesses, or upload sponsored tweets or Instagram photos. These are insanely quick and easy to post, and depending on the size of your audience, you may charge anywhere from $50 to $600+ every post.

Dropship products


Do you want to sell things on your blog but don’t want to deal with the logistics of shipping and inventory? Dropshipping is a fantastic way to sell things while minimizing your risk.

Offer Coaching Services


Coaching, like consulting, is often a one-on-one service (while consulting is generally provided to organizations or teams). Make a list of services you can provide, such as hourly consultations, DIY packages, or endless email advice.

First and foremost, you should have some degree of success before embarking on this journey.

Now, take your blog and tailor your content approach to those that require assistance. You must make blog entries that address any concerns they may have. Customize your content approach to address their issues.

They’ll find your blog using search engines, and you can give personal assistance by linking to a contact page where they can fill out their information and send you an email.

You receive their emails and offer your services to them from there. A package offer is an option, but it depends on what you want to do.

Clients will suggest you if you book them and treat them nicely.

Make an attempt to go above and beyond and actually assist others. If you use that approach, you’ll be able to enjoy your profession while also earning a living.

Sell merchandise

selling merchandise

Using a plugin like Woocommerce, you can easily (and for free) add a store page to your blog. This can be a terrific way to supplement your income from your blog, whether you sell handmade goods, your own digital products (E-junkie is a great low-cost alternative for this), or other similar products.

Host webinars


Hosting paid webinars is also an option, as many firms use them to generate leads. Just make sure you’re offering outstanding value if you want to charge for it. With so many free webinars available, you’ll need to be offering something unique if you want to charge for it.

Become a Freelance Writer


While selling your services will not make you wealthy, it is a terrific way to supplement your income and establish your name. Sell services that are directly relevant to your blog’s content, or freelance blogging services such as writing and graphic design.

If you provide a service where your skills can be offered online rather than in person, you should think about this revenue source from the start.

Consider your blog to be your resume. You’re blogging every day as a new blogger, which is fantastic. Hopefully, you’re doing a fantastic job, contributing significantly, and demonstrating your competence. However, the same blog can be utilized to supplement one’s income as a freelance writer.

Jobs can be found on Upwork, Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and other sites. You may truly make a decent living as a freelance writer over time.

Offer a Packaged Service

pricing package plan

This is similar to consulting, but it’s a little different.

Any service that you may perform on a monthly retainer qualifies as a packaged service. Social media services, writing services such as content development or copywriting, and virtual assistant packages are just a few examples.

The goal is to develop a pre-packaged service that you can sell to customers. You’ll gain a new client if they take you up on your offer. When you’re first starting off, testimonials are really important.

However, if you want to build a client portfolio, the key to success will be to make your clients happy and receive referrals.

Take on as many clients as you desire, but make sure that the work you provide is of high quality. If you accomplish so, they’ll start referring others to you, and you’ll eventually be paid more money from satisfied customers.

As you gain experience and get better at what you do, you may be able to outsource the services and turn it into a full-fledged business where you employ others and run your own mini-agency.

Writing Sponsored Content

sponsored ads

Sponsored content is a tried-and-true investment for all types of businesses, and it pays off handsomely in the proper circumstances. As a result, it’s a clear winner among the several ways to make money blogging. A firm pays you a fee in exchange for you publishing an article on them or on a topic linked to them, in which their product, service, or brand is prominently displayed as the go-to resource for those of your readers who want to learn more.

This strategy has been demonstrated to not only work for marketers, but it has also been proven to help you.

As you establish your blog, write sponsored posts; you should anticipate to receive many sponsored post requests each day. This is the simplest and most efficient method of monetizing your site. Of course, this is why so many bloggers are interested in this revenue stream.

Native advertisements may be a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers in a non-threatening fashion, and they can also be a great way for you to make a lot of money. The most essential thing to remember here is to be true to your blog, your expertise, and to put your target audience at the forefront of everything you do.

It’s one of those lovely deals between a blogger and an advertiser where you both get something out of it.

Because you’ve already earned their confidence, they trust you to promote items that you know and believe in. That’s why, while creating sponsored content, I always advise being true to your target demographic.

Sell templates


A solid template can save both time and money for your audience. Templates can be used in practically any industry: New client contract template for business; 7-day workout template for fitness; 1 month clean eating template for health, and so on.

Create a resource page


Lists of resources inform your readers about the tools, products, and services you use and/or recommend. They’re a fantastic way to give a useful service to your audience while simultaneously generating revenue through affiliate links or paid placements. Just make sure to say which links you gain from and which ones you don’t.

Host sponsored contests or giveaways


Offer to conduct a giveaway or contest on your blog or social media for businesses in your niche. This can raise awareness of their company among your followers, as well as generate a large number of leads for them if done correctly.

Launch online course

online course

Anyone can easily establish an online course thanks to technological advancements.

If you have a blog on a specific topic that attracts readers and visitors and they appreciate the content, they will regard you as an authority.

When they do that, it’s extremely likely that you’ll be able to sell them a course. The idea is to provide your audience with useful knowledge to the point where they will listen to you and appreciate your recommendations. Once they do that, you’ll have a group of people who will gladly pay for a course you create.

The first thing you should do is pick a course topic that is related to your blog.

The next step is to plan out your course and come up with exercises for your pupils to do along the way.

Then you should consider filming your course. It might simply be PowerPoint presentations with you speaking over them.

The next step is to decide where your course will be sold. Thinkific, Udemy, and Teachable are some of the most popular possibilities. Another option is to offer your course on your own website, which is difficult because you’ll only have a small audience to begin with. It’s excellent, though, because you can effortlessly transition them from your content to purchasing the course directly from your website.

You must now promote your course after you have produced it, which is the most difficult aspect. You can accomplish this by promoting the course and providing a link to it on your blog.

It doesn’t end there, though. It doesn’t matter where you promote your course; it doesn’t matter where your audience is. The goal is to make them aware of the course and grant them access to it.

Create a Job board

job board

Adding a job board to your website is a terrific method to make your blog “sticky,” which means people will come back again and again. It’s also a terrific method to supplement your income while simultaneously contributing to a worthwhile cause. ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse operates a very successful employment board for which he charges $80 for a 30-day listing. With roughly 70 listings per month, he’s raking in some serious cash with very little time or money invested.

Private bootcamp


Organize a bootcamp for your target audience to assist them in achieving a specific objective. This is effective in a variety of disciplines, including fitness (45-day “get in shape” bootcamp), business (“Launch your website bootcamp”), home and lifestyle (“Makeover your living room for under $300”), and many more.

Sell Memberships and create a private Community

membership community

Selling memberships to special areas of your website is another way to make money.

Consider the following scenario: you run a tiny blog with a few hundred weekly visitors. What you can do is provide community access.

For example, a career blog might charge users $XX per month to access their job board. Memberships to a startup business blog’s forums, where people can get tailored advice about their firm, may be sold.

You may use a free plugin like bbPress to create a virtual community on your blog, or you can use Facebook groups to host it. With so many free groups out there, be sure you’re providing incredible value to justify the monthly charge.

The idea is that your exclusive membership must be more beneficial than what your visitors can get for free elsewhere, so make sure you’re working on something worthwhile.

If you don’t do that, people will not remain, and if they don’t stay, you will not be paid. As a result, you must always ensure that you deliver value.

Write tutorials


In-depth lessons are excellent for generating links and social media shares. They can, however, be a lucrative way to monetize your blog. Include affiliate links for the products you use in your guide; promote your own products in the tutorial; write a tutorial to promote an advertiser’s product (but make sure it’s evident that it’s a sponsored post), and so on.

Key Takeaway

All of these strategies will undoubtedly assist you in earning money through blogging, but you must always remember the fundamental principles.

  • Pick the Best Blogging Niche (a Profitable One)
  • Boost Your Content Writing Skills
  • Select a Source of Traffic (Google Search or Facebook)
  • Pop-ups might help you expand your email list.

Before you get too far into blogging, keep the following tips in mind:

If no one reads your blog, you won’t be able to make any money from it. After all, it’s your readers who will make you money, whether they’re clicking on your advertising or purchasing your goods. Always prioritize your readers.

Building relationships is a big part of running a successful blog. Relationships with advertisers, affiliate partners, or just other bloggers who will steer visitors to your blog fall under this category.

Making money blogging takes a lot of perseverance, but if you’re just getting started, it can pay off in the long term. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of these money-making opportunities at the same time. Start by looking at what other individuals in your sector are doing.

You’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t over time. Which choice will you start with if you want to make money from your blog?

Yes, starting a blog as a side project is possible. Yes, it is possible to gradually expand it in the background. Yes, you can develop your blog into a full-time source of passive income that allows you to eventually quit your job, travel, spend more time with your family, or do whatever you desire.

But, as with anything great, getting there is difficult.

You’ll need to study. Practice. Become an expert in your field. You’ve put in a lot of effort. Hustle.

However, if you enjoy writing, I can’t think of a better business for you. Not only is blogging a terrific method to get your work noticed, but it’s also a great opportunity to interact with people all over the world who need what you have to offer, teach them what you know, and get paid well in the process.

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