Easily Integrate Google Analytics with Shopify Ecommerce Store

So, if you are planning to market a Shopify Ecom Store, then the first step would be to integrate it with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. All your marketing efforts are null if you are not analysing the data. Google Analytics provides a free tool to analyse the traffic on your store. Many a times, startup owners get confused while integrating it with their Ecom Stores. So, here we have made it easy for you. Just follow the steps and you are good to go!

Step 1 : Sign up for Google Analytics

You can signup using your email. (Tip: Always keep the same email for all google related properties. It helps in verification process)

Step 2 : Creating the Google Analytics Property

At this Stage, you will be given the default option of choosing the new G4 property. But, personally, I have seen a lot of issues while integrating with other platforms. So, I would recommend you to simply put the property name, time zone and currency.

1 4
2 4

Step 3: Choosing Universal Property Option

This property type has been used since last few years and integrates well with all the other platforms. So, you can choose this option.

3 3
4 3
6 3

Step 4 : Pasting the Google Analytics tag ID in Shopify

Now, in your shopi store, go to Online Store > Preferences > Google analytics

and simply paste the Google Analytics tag id in the specified cell.

(Tip: Dont forget to activate Enhanced Ecommerce option)

7 1

Step 5: Enabling Ecommerce settings in Google Analytics

Now go to Google analytics Admin Area > View > Ecommerce Settings

And, activate the Enhanced Ecommerce.

If you want, you can also define the funnels steps. (optional)

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10 1
11 1

Using these steps, you can easily integrate Google Analytics with your Shopify Ecommerce Store.