5 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins for Translation

To determine which of the top hreflang plugins for WordPress now available in the WordPress.org repository is best for a WordPress website, we tested them all.

You can manually add multilingual material to your website using the multilingual plugins. The key advantage of these wordpress multilingual plugins is that the quality of your translations will be far superior to that of any machine-generated online translation engine.

We’ve included the key features and many screenshots for each hreflang plugin in this article to give you an idea of the functionalities.

It’s worth noting that the majority of the plugins included in this post are multilingual.


WPML is another common choice. It’s one of the premium wordpress multilingual plugins that let you produce multilingual content on your site with a simple interface.

You should open a new browser window once you’ve created some articles or pages in multiple languages. From your browser’s menu, right-click and select ‘View Page Source”.

This will reveal the post or page’s source code. Now you must look for the hreflang tag to ensure that it is operational. You may also discover the hreflang tag by pressing CTRL+F (Command+F).

  • You can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts.
  • Automatic Translation lets you translate everything in WordPress quickly. Save 90% of your translation time and translate your site instantly.
  • You can let your team of translators use Advanced Translation Editor, which includes glossary, spell checker and translation memory.
  • You can also send your site’s content to one of the many professional translation services.
  • WooCommerce Multilingual allows you to run WooCommerce stores with several languages and currencies. 
  • You can translate texts in other plugins and in Admin screens directly from String Translation interface.
  • It lets you translate page slugs, SEO meta and titles.

Pricing: Pricing packages starts from $39 for Multilingual Blog, CMS and Agency.


Polylang is another useful WordPress plugin for creating multilingual or bilingual sites. Maintain consistent site performance with Polylang fully integrated into WordPress and using only its built-in core features and construct a multilingual site with from one additional language to ten or more depending on your demands. There is no limit to how many languages can be added, as WordPress’ language packs are downloaded automatically when they are ready.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly add translations to your posts, pages, custom post kinds, widgets, and more.

Polylang does not provide translation support for your WordPress theme and plugins. Because the default plugin does not support eCommerce, you will need to purchase a premium addon.

It lets you create SEO-friendly URLs for each language and integrates with the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. You can use a sidebar widget to add a language switcher to your website for language selection.

  • You can not only translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags, but you can also translate custom post types, custom taxonomies, widgets, navigation menus as well as URLs.
  • It only uses WordPress’ built-in core features (taxonomies). And thus doesn’t require a lot of memory or harm the performance of your website.
  • Compatible with major SEO plugins and automatically takes care of multilingual SEO.

Pricing : The base plugin is completely free. With a single site license, you can acquire the Pro version for €99.


For each language that your site employs, the TranslatePress plugin will automatically add the hreflang attribute.

All you need to do when using TranslatePress is to select and add languages to your website by navigating to Settings → TranslatePress → General tab in your WordPress dashboard:

This feature is also available in the free wp.org version of the plugin.

Most languages have regional differences that TranslatePress can distinguish. As seen in the figure above, there are six different ‘types’ of English you can employ.

  • With this WordPress translation plugin you work with the final page directly from the front-end, with full support for WooCommerce and site builders.
  • Automatic Translation available.
  • You own your translations, forever. The yearly license gives you access to updates, new features and support. After the license expires, your site will continue to work as expected.
  • SEO support for page slug, page title, description, twitter and facebook social graph information. The HTML lang attribute is properly set. Multilingual Sitemap support for all popular SEO plugins.
  • Translate images directly from the translation interface in order to show different images for different languages of your website.
  • Extended language switcher includes a floater menu, shortcode and individual menu items.
  • Redirect visitors to their own language preference based on browser language or IP address.

Pricing: Starting from €79 for personal license.


Weglot is a no-code website translation solution that works with your WordPress site to translate text into virtually any language.

Weglot uses advanced machine language technology like DeepL and Yandex Translate to translate text quickly and accurately. Then, straight from the Weglot dashboard, you may hire experienced translators or make manual modifications to perfect your translations.

Not only that, but Weglot also adds hreflang tags to every web page on your site for you. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on your essential business tasks.

Weglot charges a monthly fee based on the amount of languages and words translated. This could make it more expensive than some other WordPress multilingual plugins that have a yearly licence.

  • Your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google following best practices in multilingual SEO. 
  • Compatible with all Content Management Systems (WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace) and web technologies.
  • No code installation
  • Any new content added to your site is automatically detected and translated.
  • Accelerate your website translation project with a first layer of machine translation from leading providers Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex.
  • Use Weglot’s post-editing tools to make human edits to your machine translations, add your own translators and teammates to your dashboard or order professional translation directly inside Weglot.
  • Translate your content directly inside your website design and structure. Easily see what your translated page will look like.

Pricing: No Free plans available. For paid plans visit their pricing page.


Using a WordPress plugin is the simplest way to add hreflang. Hreflang tags are automatically added by plugins like MultilingualPress, and they shouldn’t slow your site down.

A translation feature is also available in MultilingualPress’s post editor. The plugin inserts the relevant hreflang tags to your site’s header when you accept a translation. The translation tool isn’t only for posts; it also works on tags and categories, and it’s compatible with Yoast and WooCommerce.

Pricing: Starting from $199 / year for a single multisite license.

Bonus Comparison : WPML Vs Polylang

Ease of Use+ 1+1
Translation ManagementAvailable as an addonrequires you to install Lingotek, a third-party plugin.
Number of Supported Languageslimitedsupports more than a hundred languages for translations
Localization Options+1+1
eCommerce Support+1+1
Media Translation+1+1
Support and Documentationonline documentation is very detaileddoesn’t offer support for its free plugin
Effect on SpeedNo Major effectNo Major effect
Manual Translations EasyEasy
Free VersionNot AvailableAvailable

Which WordPress Multilingual Plugins to choose?

All the plugins are easy to use and implement. You can start with a free plan, test out their capabilities and in case of needs, you can switch to their paid plans for more features.

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