SerpWatch Tool Review : Rank Tracker for SEO Professionals

Before using this tool, our team used to spend hours in monitoring Search Engine ranking for the target keywords. Being a Digital Marketing Agency, the problem multifold because you handle multiple projects at once. So, we started using this tool to enhance productivity in the current processes. Now, we are able to track search engine ranking for multiple keywords for multiple brands at once. And, everything is automated.

In this article, we will share the right way to setup this keyword ranking tool.

Sign up to meet the Dashboard

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Choose your project type

You can monitor keyword ranking for a website as well as your Youtube videos.

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Creating the Project

In this step, you need to fill in the important details related to the brand, like Project Name, Target Keywords, Domain (

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You can also connect your Google Search Console account to get keyword suggestions.

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Select the Frequency of Monitoring

Now choose the frequecy of tracking keyword ranking. The tool provides you a monthly limit. So, a short frequency will eat up your monthly quota. If you are not making too frequent optimisazation, then select monthly frequency.

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Choose Search Engines and Devices

On the next step, you can choose the Search Engines and devices for which you wish to monitor keyword ranking. You can track keyword ranking on Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo for now. And, as far as devices are concerned, you can select between desktop and mobile. If you are working on Local SEO, then you can track keyword ranking for a specific location also.

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The Final Step

Here you will get options to Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Plus, you can also activate push notification. Do mention your email ID to get news about keyword ranking changes in your inbox.


Ready to Roll

Now, you’re all set. Just grab your seat and let the tool handle the rest.

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Tool Dashboard Insight

You can see here that the tool shows you different metrics.

  • Average position of your keywords
  • The keywords that have moved up/down in ranking
  • Keywords for which the ranking is maintained
  • Keywords that are ranking in Top 3, Top 10, Top 30 and Top 100 search results.

You get access to a Intelligence Hub also which shows you many Technical features in an easy to udnerstand graphical manner. The best thing is that it shows you the effect of Google Algorithm updates on the keyword ranking.

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This Chart shows you a detailed view of ranking for all of your Target keywords. Feel free to sort this data as per your convenience.

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As an agency, you can also build and send completely custom reports to your clients or SEO department.

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So, this was a quick overview of this awesome rank tracker for SEO professionals.

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