9 Robust online Proofreading Tools for New Age marketers

Proofreading is finding and correcting mistakes in writers’ and authors’ original text before the text is allowed to proceed to the printing of final copies. It is the process of re-reading a work, revising, correcting mistakes. It’s reworking a draft for mistakes and editing.

A proofreader performs a ‘quality check’ on publications, usually just before they are due to go to print. Proofreaders get involved after others, such as the author, editor, and composer, have done their jobs. The proofreader’s role is to act as a fresh pair of eyes, spotting any of the mistakes which others might have missed.

When writing content as part of your business, you must make sure that the grammar and spelling you are writing in it is nothing less than completely perfect. If the grammar you used is flawless and doesn’t have any spelling and punctuation mistakes then your texts can become engaging and interesting. When any kind of error is found in your content by your readers, they immediately call into question your reliability as a trusted source of information. It also kills the motivation of the audience to continue reading regardless of the amount of time and effort that you have spent to find or write quality information for them.


online proofreading tools

ProWritingAid is a web editor and plugin that will clean up your writing by detecting grammar and spelling mistakes, plagiarism, and contextual errors. ProWritingAid is a plugin and web editor for Google Docs, MS Word, and other writing tools which will help you spot errors in grammar, spelling, style, and word choice in your writing. It helps in analyzing your writing and produces reports on writing style, sentence length, grammar, and repeated words and phrases.

ProWritingAid has a paid option, but most of the areas to be checked are available for free. It can help you polish your writing and strengthen your writing habits.

online proofreading tools
FeaturesProWritingAid will identify clichés, redundancies, overused words that make sentence construction awkward.
It will help you with correcting Grammar and spelling errors.It can provide suggestions for real-time editing.
The Summary reports will give you statistics of your writing.
Writing Style Report will highlight several areas of writing that need to be revised and hence the readability will be improved like passive & hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, repeated sentence starts, etc.
ProsCompatible with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft.
WordWorks with Mac and Windows.
ConsThe free version can edit only 500 words at a time.
Even with the Premium+ plan, it has limitations on plagiarism checks.
No support for mobile app
Premium PriceStarts from  $20
Usability/ReliabilityPowerful & easy to use,20 powerful writing reports with the free version.
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


online proofreading tools

Grammarly is a great tool that helps you find the grammar and spelling errors you have made. It also tells you which sentences in your work do not make any sense and suggests to you how you can correct the errors.

Grammarly is the best online proofreading tools in the market. It offers:

  • Browser extensions
  • A full-service online app
  • Mobile apps
  • An MS Office add-on for Windows
  • Desktop apps for Mac and Windows
online proofreading tools
FeaturesIt helps in detecting errors while checking grammar, punctuation, contextual spelling, sentence structure, and writing style
Easy Browser extension
Support Mobile app
Strong free version
ProsReal-time corrections
High rate of accuracy
Browser extension and app
Easy to use
ConsIt Doesn’t work with Google Drive
It Doesn’t offers a  big-picture feedback
Must pay for premium
Premium PriceStarts from $29.95 
Usability/ReliabilityExcellent on all levels.
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐


online proofreading tools

WhiteSmoke Software offers English writing technologies that focus on enhancing, correcting grammar, and writing styles. WhiteSmoke products are based on natural language processing (NLP) technology and featuring AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms for text analysis.

This type of brilliant writing software helps in providing the most enhanced grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style correction, as well as translation for more than 50 languages. WhiteSmoke not only corrects basic errors, but also helps in improving writing style, tone, and clarity in the text. This web-based tool is compatible with any modern browser, letting you perfect your writing virtually anywhere you do it.

online proofreading tools
FeaturesDetect & correct errors in grammar, sentence structure, etc
Helps in Checking & prevent typing and other spelling mistakes in your email, reports, and other documents
Identify stylistic errors, such as monotony & tenses, and get options on how to correct them
Correct less-obvious to confusing punctuation mistakes
Translate your texts, websites, & more in over 50 languages
ProsCompatible with various browsers and smartphones
Checks for style
Built-in plagiarism checker
ConsSome inaccurate suggestions
No free version.
Premium PriceStart from $4.16
Usability/ReliabilityEasy to use.
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


online proofreading tools

PaperRater is another online proofreading tools your articles. It not only provides you suggestions for grammatical mistakes, styles, etc. But also, check your article title and rate your overall work like your vocabulary, word choice, style, etc.

Correctly spelled words used in the wrong context manner can create embarrassing mistakes. This tool allows you with the most modern “contextual spell checker” to easily correct grammatical errors. ‘Paper Rater’ is a free online proofreading tools software that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help bloggers, as well as students, write something better. This is a marvelous way to analyze your writing.

online proofreading tools
FeaturesGrammar & Spelling Check
Free Proofreader
It does not require Downloads.
It helps in checking any duplicate contents using its plagiarism detection tools
It provides writing suggestions to improve writing.
ProsThe database based on a Search Engine
Free Access
Fast Turnout Time
No Installation Required
ConsNo Report Exporting
English Language Only
No Mobile Support
Below Average Accuracy
Limited Free Version
Premium PriceStarts from $7.95 
Basics features on the free version.
Premium version offers more features
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐

Hemingway Editor

online proofreading tools

The Hemingway App is equipped for those who want to see the article issues at glance. This is not only a grammar and spelling checker tool but also one that looks for things like passive voice, over-long and complex sentences.

Other online style tools do this as well, but Hemingway doesn’t point it out to others. It uses a simple color-coded legend to point out what could be changed with a sentence or word. A word that is highlighted in purple color, for instance, indicates that the word might be too polysyllabic and that a shorter word might be a better choice. The passive voice is highlighted in green color.

online proofreading tools
FeaturesIt Identifies problem areas using color-coded highlights
Checks for passive voice, adverbs, run-on sentences, and tangled words and terms
The desktop app and mobile app.
ProsEasily identifiable color-coded errors
Advanced style checker
Big-picture feedback
ConsDoes not catch spelling errors
No browser extension
Premium PriceStarts from $19.99
Usability/ReliabilityBasic & Premium features online on the free version
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐

Ginger Software

online proofreading tools

Ginger uses groundbreaking technology to detect grammar and spelling errors in sentences and to correct them with unmatched accuracy. From the usage of singular and plural errors to the most enlightened sentence or errors in the usage of tenses. It allows you to pick up all the errors and then correct them, which makes checking grammar very easy and faster.

This Grammar Checker software helps to write desirable English and efficiently corrects the texts. Based on factors of complete sentences, Ginger Grammar Checker software uses unique technology for correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and misused words, with unmatched accuracy. This grammar checking software improves your text as a human observer will do it..
Ginger Software 2

FeaturesErrors Analysis
Grammar Checker
Mistakes Practice
Personal Trainer
Sentence Rephrasing
Text Reader
ProsGinger offers suggestions for how you can rephrase your sentences.
Includes a translation tool that helps you translate into over 60 different languages.
Spell check in browser and editor.
It has a context-specific grammar checking capability
Identify document errors and correct them
Rephrase sentences to avoid redundant words
Help users communicate in over 40 languages.
ConsIt requires a constant internet connection.
Not as user-friendly as many other Grammar checker tools.
It does not offer a plagiarism checker tool.
It only has browser extensions for Chrome and Safari.
Premium PriceStarts from $29.96
Usability/ReliabilityEasy to use
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐


online proofreading tools

WordRake is to-the-point English online proofreading tools software that fluently unites with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. By working within the association of those programs, users can be self-confident in clear, persuasive, and error-free writing.

WordRake provides users with instant results and allows them to save their time and effort at the time of editing their documents. This enables them to speed up their business processes and reduces bottlenecks at stages. It also places the final decision-making at the hands of the users although the program offers suggestions for their editing and users can choose whether to accept the suggestions or not to make certain the meaning of their content.

online proofreading tools
FeaturesInstant editing
Accept & reject changes function.
ProsDesigned for professional business writing
Strikes or replaces clunky verbiage
You accept or reject each suggestion
ConsDesigned for business writing, not manuscript editing
Only works in Word
Limited functionality
Premium PriceStarts from $129
Usability/ReliabilityEasy to use premium 
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐


online proofreading tools

Wordy is not a completely free online proofreader. It has a fixed rate per word. The process is not automated and you may have to wait for more than an hour to get your document back. The tool is multi-lingual and can proofread documents in up to 15 different languages. Wordy is a professional copy-editing and online proofreading tools service. We optimize the accuracy and readability of content – from Fortune 500 business reports to academic texts and web copy.

It provides the accuracy of your content in true real-time, 24/7 for business reports academic, legal, media, and medical writing.
Wordy 2

FeaturesPay-as-you-go pricing structure.
Edit in the exact format, E.g. Finance, Corporate, Academic, Health, etc.
Editing is done by human editors.
ProsDelete empty words and phrases.
Spell check in browser and editor.
ConsThere is a lengthy waiting period to get your document back.
Premium PricePay-as-you-go (per word)
Usability/ReliabilityHuman editing online proofreading service.
Easy-to-use and has a waiting period.
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐

Slick Write

online proofreading tools

A tool with customizable feedback options that helps writers identify grammatical errors in their work. Cloud-based online proofreading tools solutions help users to check their writings for grammatical errors, probable declamatory mistakes, etc.

Slick Write is free to use and it is ideal for students, bloggers, SEO professionals, novelists, and writers. A vast proofread text or write-ups with functions and an interface that are easy to use, resulting in more readable content and more competitive work. Slick Write can also be used to demonstrate excellent communication skills and professionalism in a resume, which is sure to catch the eye of potential employers.

online proofreading tools
FeaturesLong Sentences
Fast Grammar Checker
Word Count
Contextual Word Association
Prepositional Phrase Index
Passive Voice Index
ProsTrack errors.
The vast range of useful extras such as adverb counters, bias language filters, and more.
Apps for Chrome, Firefox, and WordPress offer a lot of functionality.
No need to sign up or divulge your email address.
ConsEnglish Language Only
Doesn’t have the ability to import text, word, or pdf files, which would be a bonus.
The overall design, paired with no user walk-through means it can be a little intimidating to the user initially.
Premium PriceStarts from $15
Usability/ReliabilityA great tool to use.
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐

Key Takeaway

We do our level best to ensure that our content is error-free because no blogger ever wants to allow any kind of errors in their content. While we know that allowing a single spelling error by accident does not make you an uneducated redneck, we also know that in this era, the Internet is a very competitive and often aggressive environment.

In terms of convenience, Grammarly is much better than the rest of the tools which are mentioned. While on the other hand, WhiteSmoke is perfect for people on a reasonable budget which helps in using Microsoft Word as their go-to word processor. Looking at paid features, ProWritingAid does offer a lot more value for your money.