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Healthcare Marketing Consultants with a Specialized Approach

Why you must Hire a Healthcare Marketing Consultant?

One of the most common challenges that providers face is that they are not getting enough new patients. An accomplished consultant will inherently know that not getting enough new patients is a problem that stems from a breakdown somewhere in the marketing mix. A healthcare marketing consultant will uncover the problem and offer a solution to strengthen efforts to get new patients. They will also strengthen efforts to retain current patients.

In healthcare reputation is everything. Without it, faith is lost among patients and referral sources. An experienced marketer can help you in improving and protecting your reputation both online and offline.

The competitive landscape of healthcare is always changing shape. A healthcare marketing consultant will dedicate time to a competitive analysis to look at internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) that make up your market. This is necessary part of the process. Once factors are established, the consultant will formulate a strategy designed to take back the market.

If you’re operating in a crowded marketplace and hurting because of it, a marketing consultant can help you gain back valuable market share.

Hiring a marketing consultant before competition becomes fierce is also a smart idea

Whether you run a solo practice or a small clinic with less than 100 employees, your services are the product you’re trying to sell. Word of mouth advertising can only take you so far. You’ll eventually reach a standstill and growth will slow down.

Keep in mind: If you are a provider that lacks the manpower or budget to hire an in-house marketing manager, a consultant can make a major contribution to moving the needle of your marketing forward. It is a necessary step to growing your organization.

These days people turn to the internet for answers about their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment plans. They read articles and watch videos before and after stepping into a physician’s office. They scan your website for patient stories, details about surgical procedures or post recovery tips.

Grow Your Practice

Appear at the top of search results with a targeted advertising strategy that is designed to attract local patients to your specialty.

You will benefit from proven marketing programs that drive growth in both new and returning visits to your practice. Your content will be enticing and relevant to potential patients searching for your services.

We do whatever it takes to Get More Patients in your door

Our services are all-inclusive. Instead of you having to suggest new strategies to us, we proactively implement strategies across all digital channels to create the most growth possible for your practice.

When you work with SwiftPropel, you don’t work with a medical marketing agency – you work with partners who are committed to your success

As an experienced healthcare marketing firm and your partners in success, we make it easier and more profitable for you to run your medical practice long-term.

Acquire new patients

Our healthcare-specific marketing strategies and targeted advertising help you attract more of the local patients that you want.

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On average our clients gain an additional $4.3 million in annual revenue

We help you build celebrity status by creating and distributing authority-building content to expand your presence and grow your brand. We make sure you have a premium-grade website. We create eBooks for you. Blog for you. Post on social media every week… and much, much more… so your market sees you as the expert you are.


We spend roughly 250 hours to onboard a new practice. It's important to get to know your practice, services, and goals as well as you do. Only then can we design an innovative strategy that will make your competitors jealous.


There's no benefit to more patients on your website if it doesn't convert. We design world-class sites so that your patients' first impressions are as good as you are. Every page is crafted with results in mind.


You will own your local area with full channel marketing. Prospective patients should see you everywhere they look. We constantly evaluate and adapt our strategy using enterprise-level tracking and data analytics.

How we transform your practice

  • We find every possible edge. Growing your practice requires a proactive approach. We evaluate our strategy monthly and work with SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design, and Review Generation.
  • We spend smarter, not harder. You don't need to outspend your competitors on Google Ads! The best bang for your buck is utilizing multiple channels simultaneously. 
  • We make you look great. Patient never see your years of education and success stories - they see a number on review sites. Your online reputation should look as good as you are.
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How will this campaign benefit your Practice?

We provide a complete healthcare digital solution - Design, Development, Content, Marketing, Lead Generation, and Technology

While we build great experiential websites, our specialty is filling beds and increasing patients, ethically. Healthcare Marketing Consultants unique differentiator is our expertise is driving admissions and increasing patients. We do this by deploying a multi-discipline approach to increasing and stabilizing key healthcare revenue channels.

  • Become the #1 choice & leading authority in your area
  • Patients are willing to pay more for high-priced services
  • Never chase leads around on the phone
  • Patients trust you and view you as the expert you are before they ever walk into your clinic.

The Whole process can be divided into three major Phases





Phase 1 - Capture 

You get front-end marketing pieces that CAPTURE the attention of your market… Whether it’s a quiz, an article, or an eBook. We market relevant information to a specific niche market, and build a targeted list of ‘interested’ prospects.

Most marketing companies stop right here and send you these ‘front-end’ leads, but we keep going…


Phase 2 - Connect 

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date… so stop trying to close low-quality ‘front-end’ leads who don’t know who you are or what your practice is about.

We implement automated follow-up systems designed to “warm-up” & CONNECT with your leads. And we implement systems to filter out any low-quality leads.


Phase 3 - Close

Your services aren’t for everyone, however when you capture & connect with your market PROPERLY…

The leads you speak with will already feel like they KNOW you and your practice. They’ll be pre-qualified. And ready to pay. Combined with the unique closing process we train your staff on and help you implement… your practice growth rate can SKYROCKET!

As an entirely digital team, we make painstaking effort to stay abreast of developments in digital marketing and software suites. When it comes to marketing campaigns, SEO and SMO campaigns, CRM and sales systems, and reporting, it's important to link and co-develop systems to ensure you get the most out of your investment in marketing.

How does it work?

Overview: Healthcare Marketing Strategy 

Eighty percent of Internet users who are on social media search specifically for information about health topics. And almost 40% of those users are searching for a specific doctor or health professional.

When used strategically, social media and search engines can create growth by helping you promote your practice to a large number of people, appear in web searches and attract, connect, convert and retain patients.

Healthcare Search Advertising

Appear at the top of search results with a targeted advertising strategy that is designed to attract local patients to your specialty. We serve healthcare clients exclusively with strategies to reduce cost per new patient. If your medical practice does not come up on the first page of web search results, patients won’t spend the time it will take for them to find your practice. With our SEO solution, we use the latest methods in order to have your practice seen by more people – so that you acquire more patients. Our team of SEO experts works with your practice to determine which patients will bring you the highest amount of revenue. We will create a healthcare marketing strategy to help those patients find your practice website and choose you as their doctor. 

Our tools include competitor analysis, on- and off-page optimization, and reporting and analytics.

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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

As social media experts for healthcare practices and related businesses, we know exactly which social media platforms you should use and how you should be using them to grow. Whether you need an end-to-end healthcare marketing plan or input on your current strategy, our solutions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and Google My Business can help you reap all the benefits of social media marketing.

healthcare social media

Healthcare Online Reputation Management

Eight-five percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. Whether you receive positive, negative or neutral reviews, you need to take your online reputation seriously – so that you attract new patients and protect your revenue. Our unique and proven medical marketing services help doctors and physicians monitor, capture and publish patient reviews, giving them more control over what patients read about them online and how they perceive their practice.

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Healthcare Video Marketing

Our latest high-impact online marketing strategy – eVideo – delivers your marketing message to your targeted audience in a visually appealing way that online users can relate to. With the meteoric rise of YouTube, online video has become a necessity in the 21st-century marketing mix. And medical practitioners are now learning what other businesses already know: that marketing with eVideo is a cost-effective, efficient way to reach out to your target audience.

Healthcare Video marketing

Healthcare Content Marketing

Patients have an almost infinite number of options for doctors and physicians. What’s the best way to get patients to choose you? By presenting them with useful, value-added content on your website, social media channels, email campaigns and other online spaces. But content marketing that pays off requires more than just writing a blog, sending an email or posting to Facebook. With the reputation of being one of the most reliable healthcare marketing companies in the country, we’ll help you determine the topics and types of content that will attract prospective patients and leverage that content strategically to turn those prospects into paying patients.

Healthcare content Marketing

Grow your Practice, Get more Patients and Expand your Services.


“We were able to market our practice in a genuine way

"Having been through other dental consulting programs, what I appreciated most about SwiftPropel is they took the time to learn about our practice’s strengths, and essentially our “personality”. By utilizing our attributes, we were able to market our practice in a genuine way. By being comfortable in our approach, we were all the more effective. We learned how to work smarter, not harder and how to tap into an unused resource to promote our practice – our happy, satisfied patients. We are also now better utilizing the internet and social media to build our practice in a professional and positive manner."

Kim G.

Glick & Woods Dentistry


“Helped me get my private practice off of the ground"

“They really helped me get my private practice off of the ground. Highly recommend!!"

Audrey N.
Total Mental Wellness

Quick and responsive."

Dedicated to their craft. Quick and responsive. Help my business out a lot to get off the grounds. Highly recommend without reservations."

Justin N.
Refresh Psychaitry
sonia 1

"The level of professionalism is incredible"

“I would recommend Vijay to anyone. The level of professionalism is incredible. He has fulfilled any request we throw at him in a timely manner. The quality is great on every post. He's always open to ideas, weekly meetings and ensuring all of the companies needs are met. I highly recommend their services!"

Sonia S.
Medical Case Management Expert
deanna 1

They are sorting all my online presences and searches"

"Vijay and his team are excellent! They helped me solidify ideas that weren’t quite clear, worked with me to make changes and adjustments, explained patiently when I wasn’t understanding the process, and were always available for questions. They worked faster than I did getting my web site done. For my social media accounts, they got long standing issues straightened out quickly. They are sorting all my online presences and searches. And their writing team is excellent! I am super pleased with their writing and social media posts. I would highly recommend Vijay and his team."

Deanna W.
Whole Human Life

"Very responsive and shows improvement."

“It's been a pleasure working with Vijay and his team. Very responsive, accepts feedback and shows improvement. Very professional and he knows what he is doing. Trustworthy. I would recommend to anyone looking for professional SEO solutions, specifically in healthcare".

Ahmed E.
Medical Doctor

knowledgeable, responsive and professional"

"Vijay and his team have been helping me with digital marketing for a few months. His white-hat approach to SEO leaves me confident that we are heading in the right direction. He has introduced many new aspects to my digital marketing plan, including reaching out to influencers and addressing SEO issues on my website. He is knowledgeable, responsive and professional - a pleasure to work with"

Roberta C.

Why you should consider a Strategy Session?

  • You have capacity for a larger patient/client load
  • Your competition has recently taken more market share
  • You have a marketing budget and are excited about growing your practice
  • You could benefit from an objective perspective of your current strategies
  • You need a detailed action plan with progress checkups

A healthcare marketing consultant could give your business the perspective and expertise it’s been lacking. Not only that, but a consultant will have the time and resources necessary to support your marketing efforts to the extent they need to be supported. 

SwiftPropel has been instrumental in creating an online presence through social media for my company. Reporting is always done in a diligent and timely manner.

Martin A.



They work hard to keep their clients happy. Communication is awesome. They did excellent job at helping my branding and I highly recommend using them.




The team at SwiftPropel is amazing. They are the best with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. I have them as on going part of our team.

Mark K.



They pushed me to better my business and gave me recommendations on all fronts. Communication is excellent, their work professional and meet deadlines like no other company.




Our company is on page 1 and 2 for numerous various keywords we provided him to work with and he is driving hundreds of potential clients to our website each week. 

Anita C.



They really put in extra effort to ensure that things are done in right manner. They provide new ideas and suggestion from time to time.  Highly recommended! 

Erik J.



Vijay S.

Founder (SwiftPropel)

Leadership behind SwiftPropel

As a Brand Marketing Expert, Vijay helps global brands to gain visibility on the web through latest promotional strategies. He has been into search marketing industry since last 8 years. His love for his niche has helped him in acquiring lots of skills enabling him to master the art of driving potential customers for a brand.

In order to add more passionate people in this journey, he started "SwiftPropel" in 2014, which turned him into an online entrepreneur. As far as work is related, he is addicted to quality and tries to give personalised attention to every client. Outside of work you can find him spending time with family, watching movies and reading. 

We Sharpen Our Axe Everyday

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Our clients love us because we make it possible for them to put all their focus on their practice, clearly communicate ROI in terms they understand, and make their online persona look as good as they are in person.

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