Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Ads for Your Cleaning Business

Facebook advertising is a goldmine for commercial cleaners looking to grow and receive more leads. Nearly three billion monthly active Facebook users offer your business a huge customer market. However, the vast platform’s viewership shouldn’t fool you into thinking Facebook ads for your cleaning service will generate business.

Indeed, Facebook advertising is more sophisticated than posting a couple times and hoping. You need thorough research and effective Facebook ad strategies to succeed. The goal is to find the right market and advertise your commercial cleaning services cheaply.

Are you still curious about Facebook ads for cleaning companies? Read on to learn more about these advertisements and how to use them to attract more clients for your commercial cleaning business.

Introducing Facebook Ads and Their Working Mechanisms

Facebook ads are messages and content that can be purchased to appear on Facebook pages’ sidebars or newsfeeds. Only when someone watches, clicks, or buys your ad do you pay. Your campaign bid and budget determine your payment.

How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook advertising target location, age, gender, education, interests, and language. Start your campaign with wide targeting and refine it as you learn more.

If you run a commercial cleaning business, you can target local residents with location targeting.

Launching your campaign requires broad targeting over hyper-targeted. Over time, you can improve ad targeting with additional data.

Reasons for Using Facebook Ads for a House Cleaning Business

Many busy households would rather hire a residential cleaning service than handle things themselves in order to save time and money. Knowing that, you can be confident that you will always have clients. Why, then, should you continue to spend money on Facebook advertising? These are a few strong reasons.

Micro-targeting the relevant audience

Facebook Ads for Your Cleaning Business

Facebook ads give you access to 2.7 billion active users, allowing you to target specific audiences. Advertisers can build a custom audience on Facebook according to location, income, gender, age, and other relevant demographics.

Spending less on advertising

Facebook is among the most reasonably priced pay-per-click advertising services available online. The cost per click ranges from $0.45 to $0.70 on average.

Receiving results quickly

Facebook advertising generates income and conversions as soon as they go live, regardless of the duration of the campaign.

Exploring detailed information

Exploring detailed information

With Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can easily identify areas for improvement and receive comprehensive insights into the performance of your ads.

Advantages of Using Facebook Ads for a Commercial Cleaning Business

Selecting Facebook advertisements for your commercial cleaning company can have a huge positive impact on it. Here are a few benefits:

Reaching a global audience

It is difficult to talk about Facebook advertising’s advantages without bringing up the billions of users that frequent the site. Facebook ads give you the opportunity to reach a global audience. You can target individuals who are not familiar with your brand.

When you run consistent ads, more Facebook users will notice, and your efforts will begin to compound. Your website traffic will increase as your ads receive more views and likes. Your lead generation will rise in tandem with your Facebook audience.

Showing Your Ads to the Relevant Audience

Facebook’s targeting feature lets you connect with the individuals who are most likely searching for your business cleaning services. For example, if you offer commercial cleaning services, you can target people in Tampa Bay.

Showing Your Ads to the Relevant Audience

Traditional advertising platforms like radio and TV can’t target that well. Main benefit of showing ads to prospective customers is lower customer acquisition costs.

Making Retargeting Simple

With Facebook ads, you can also retarget customers who have interacted with your brand in some way. Advertise to those who have read your material, subscribed to your newsletter, or visited your cleaning website. You can win back loyal customers by doing this.

Strong Insights and Analytics

Strong Insights and Analytics

Facebook ads also offer strong analytics and insights to assist you in gauging the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. You can, for instance, look up how many impressions, clicks, and conversions each advertisement receives. You can use this data to determine which advertisements are effective and which ones require modification.

Are the Right People the Target of Your Facebook Advertising Strategy?

The target audience you choose can determine the success or failure of your campaign. It can be challenging to focus when there are so many options. Try these suggestions if you’re unsure if you’re aiming your message at the correct audience:

Begin with the fundamentals

Begin with the fundamentals

Use simple demographics like age, location, and gender to quickly narrow your market if you’re new to online advertising.

Identify your audience’s requirements

To help you create the right graphics and copy, be aware of the searches that your potential customers are making.

Reach out to clients who are already seeking or using your cleaning services

Targeting customers who already use your services or are looking to do business with similar companies will be more successful.

Strategies for Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Cleaning Business

You should be aware of the advantages of utilizing Facebook ads for your commercial cleaning company, as well as how to make them effective. Here are some pointers for creating effective Facebook ads:

1. Decide on a goal

A cleaning company will likely use Facebook ads most frequently for traffic, video views, messages, and conversions.

While using a lead generation ad is an option, it limits the types of custom audiences you can create and necessitates additional steps to add those leads to your lists. Having said that, we won’t cover those in this post.

Decide on a goal

Consequently, conversions or message ads would probably work best if you were trying to optimize for leads and had Facebook pixels installed on your thank-you pages. Use a traffic ad if you want to start creating custom audiences, lookalike audiences, enhance your targeting, and increase traffic.

Lastly, use the video views ads if you want to get viewers for your testimonial or review videos, as well as if you want to build highly targeted audiences for lookalikes and a good audience to retarget other ads to. When it comes to running Facebook ads for your cleaning company, there is probably an ad type that works for your objectives, regardless of what they are.

2. Create a lookalike audience by uploading your customer list

While there are numerous targeting options available for Facebook ads, starting with a targeting strategy based on your current customer list is one of the best options. The common misconception is that choosing the demographics of people you believe would be interested in a cleaning service is all that is required in order to run Facebook ads for a cleaning company.

Although it could serve as a starting point, there are much more effective ways to run Facebook ads for a cleaning company. Getting more customers for your cleaning service should be your main objective.

Create a lookalike audience by uploading your customer list 1

You can achieve this by directing your advertisements towards audiences who are highly likely to resemble your current clientele. Making an audience that looks like you. A lookalike audience is one that Facebook generates based on your specified criteria, such as website visitors, videos watched, or a list of emails you upload.

Uploading your customer list and creating a lookalike audience can work well. Creating a customer-lookalike audience is more effective than choosing a random group. Start with a lookalike customer list to cut ad cost and boost conversions.

3. Make images that are distinctive

With so many posts in users’ news feeds, your ad must grab their attention immediately. And using eye-catching images that will stop users from scrolling through their newsfeeds is the best way to grab their attention.

Make images that are distinctive

To entice viewers to stay with your advertisement, make sure your images are eye-catching and vividly colored. Make sure the people in your advertisement photographs are the ones you want to reach. They appear content and enjoy the services provided by your company. The goal is to enthuse the audience in the advertisement about your business cleaning services and motivate them to act.

4. Examine various ad formats

Facebook Ads lets you test carousels, videos, pictures, and stories. Each format has pros and cons, so choose based on your audience.

Examine various ad formats

You may choose the optimal ad type for your target market by trying different formats. Optimizing campaigns and increasing their chances of success require this.

5. Utilize Facebook pixels

Facebook pixels are small pieces of code that gather data from your advertising to optimize and generate audiences for future Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook pixels, in addition to conversion tracking, can guarantee that the appropriate people see your ads, particularly when you’re retargeting.

Utilize Facebook pixels

For example, use your Facebook pixel to show people an advertisement for the same item they previously abandoned. Instead, run general advertisements for your services for website visitors.

6. Optimize the landing page

Facebook ad optimization is just one component of the puzzle. If you don’t have an optimized landing page, visitors to your website won’t ever become customers. Now, depending on where your ads direct people—for instance, if you’re running a messenger campaign—you might be able to skip this step. Using this technique, a number of our residential cleaning clients follow up with leads for house cleaning directly through Facebook Messenger.

Optimize the landing page

On the other hand, you’ll probably need an optimized landing page if you want visitors to your website to submit an estimate request form. A landing page with real photos, SEO, relevant content, clear calls to action, and a lead generation plan is optimized. Consider these key factors when developing your landing page.

Use client testimonials on landing pages. If you recommend a service with testimonials, this is crucial. If you advertise carpet cleaning, emphasize a carpet cleaning or floor care review. Below are some indicators you should monitor to identify which parts of your ads work and which need improvement.

7. Collect client reviews and testimonials

Using client endorsements and reviews in a Facebook advertisement is another powerful strategy for a cleaning company. This kind of advertisement comes in two potent varieties. One version creates a video by simply combining screenshots of various written reviews. We are obtaining customer video testimonials for another version.

Collect client reviews and testimonials
Collect client reviews and testimonials

Since both strategies make use of social proof, they have the potential to be effective and potent. When you have one or more external sources attesting to the caliber of your cleaning services, you have social proof. This is an excellent way to market a cleaning company because other people are the ones praising your business instead of just you.

Facebook ads with social proof can help develop trust and reputation for your cleaning firm. A video Facebook ad gives you more targeting possibilities for a future cleaning company.

8. Create a free quote page and a thank you page

Following these two steps can help you increase the quality of leads you receive for your cleaning company. If you don’t already have one, create a separate page that people can visit to receive a free quote for cleaning services.

Create a free quote page and a thank you page

This is crucial because you can use that particular page’s pixels to start assembling an audience for Facebook advertisements you can run for your cleaning company. Make sure to redirect a lead to both a thank-you page and a dedicated page where they can request a free quote.

You can pixelize a thank-you page, which makes it crucial. This will pave the way for future audience development and conversion ad placement.

9. Evaluate metrics

Most people consider back-end sales to be one of the most important metrics to track when it comes to Facebook ads. That is undoubtedly significant, but your actual Facebook ads may not have much to do with the back-end sale. Other important metrics can help you determine where possible breakdowns in your sales process may be occurring.

Click-through rate and cost per click are important KPIs alongside leads and conversions. If your cost per click is $1 or less and your CTR is 1% or higher, your ads are doing successfully. Prices in that range indicate that you are probably targeting the right audience and that people are responding well to your advertisement copy.

While it’s not a guarantee, it could be the case if you’re not generating leads and the figures appear unusual. If those numbers look good but you aren’t generating leads, there must be another problem.

In that case, it probably could be your landing page. Your landing page view percentage, for instance, is an additional metric to be aware of. If it’s too low, consumers are clicking your ad without waiting for the page to load. Slow-running websites may need optimization or redevelopment.

Your landing page may also have poor design or messaging. If your website is old and uses stock photographs, people may lose trust. As a result, even if they did click on your ad, the poor quality of your website turned away sales.

10. Constantly check your Facebook ads for cleaning

Lastly, it’s crucial to continuously monitor your advertisements. A common misconception among those who are unfamiliar with Facebook ads is that you can set them up, forget about them, and they will continue to run indefinitely. Sadly, this isn’t the situation.

Regular ad monitoring is essential for Facebook advertising effectiveness. This suggests that you should evaluate your adverts regularly but not update them.

Making too many changes to your Facebook ads is a common mistake we see people make. Ads must run for a certain amount of time in order to collect sufficient relevant data for you to make an informed decision about changes.

This could take days or weeks, depending on your ad budget. Changes made too soon can reduce the sample size and introduce incomplete data.

Regular monitoring is needed to detect abrupt, major changes in findings or long-term patterns. You can optimize your advertising strategies with enough data and understanding.

Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Cleaning Business Today!

Acquiring new clients is a simple way to grow your commercial cleaning company. Facebook ads can be a very powerful tool for promoting your services. Learn how to use Facebook advertising with our aid.

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