Digital Marketing freelancing opportunity

“Do NOT Call us on Phone. Else, Your Application will be rejected”

As a core digital brand marketing firm, SwiftPropel is looking to add expert digital marketing freelancers to its current team for handling projects. 

(You can do your regular jobs and work part time with us)

Job details

For Digital Marketing projects, our main focus is on SEO and Social Media Marketing tasks for our clients. So, the freelancer or virtual team member must be good at both these tasks. 

Scope of work:


includes activities like On-page optimization, Keyword research, website audit, link building, creation tasks (presentations, documents, infographics, videos etc), monitoring keyword ranking after every 15 days manually. 


includes creating posts (including memes) and scheduling on different platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc., reddit participation, quora participation, facebook group participation, youtube marketing etc. 

Work Parameters

  • We only focus on delivering Quality work to our clients. So, here Quality is more important than quantity. We always try our level best to keep our Clients link Profile clean, by following Search Engine guidelines.
  • Always proof read your content for all the work that you do. Check for spelling/grammatical errors, if any, before posting. 
  • We follow a particular format for work reports. I will provide you the same.
  • For Content Marketing, We either take it from Client or hire services of external content writers. For content requirements, you will be required to inform few days in advance with the topic and usage information.

Working Hours

  • You will be required to work between Monday to Friday.
  • In case of Social Media Marketing, we cannot do it fully in a single day. So, you will be required to do a little bit of it, almost every day to maintain engagement on accounts.


  • Be Active in Communication. Respond frequently.
  • We usually interact via mails with other. For small issues, we use Whatsapp. In urgent cases, which demand discussions, we talk to each other.
  • All Client Interaction will be handled by us, so you can just focus on the project. We will keep you updated with the client’s requirements from time to time.

Job Payments

  • Your Monthly Job Payment will be transferred to your Bank Account on 7th of every month.
  • Since, we are not yet working as a full fledged company and you are not working as a regular salaried employee for our company. So, right now we only give out a share of our earnings to the freelancers.  As a result, your monthly Job Payment will be calculated based on Full Month Work. In case the Project is started in the middle of any month or if the project is ended abruptly in the middle of any month, then the Job Payment for that month will be calculated weekly i.e. you will be paid for only those work weeks, when work was accomplished by you.
  • Also, if for any reason, you are not able to deliver services in any particular week, then we will not be able to pay you for that particular week.

As a team, we always brainstorm to deliver only the best to our clients. So, we will appreciate new ideas and suggestions from your end during the course of Projects. Our vision is to take online branding to a new level. 

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