Create Google Ads Reports using Google Data Studio

What is Google Data Studio?

I hope you must have been working with Excel sheets and collecting data and analyzing the data. So data analysis is a very common thing these days and as far as digital marketing industry is concerned, we all have to analyze lots and lots of data, especially if we are you know running any kind of campaigns whether it’s organic SEO campaign or paid campaigns on Google. So, unless and until you will not analyze the data and report it in a nice manner, things will become quite difficult for you. Gone are those days when people used to depend heavily on Excel sheets or Google Sheets. But, now we have got powerful ways for transforming your raw data into some informative and easy to understand reports. So today, we are going to discuss one of such tools which is called as Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio is an online tool for converting data into customizable informative reports and dashboards. I will share three easy steps to create a report inside Google Data Studio.

Step 1: Add Data Sources

Now it’s quite natural that if you have to convert your data then you will need a data source. They should be reliable sources from where you can get the data. In your Google Data Studio dashboard, you will find a Create option. We need to simply select data sources from here. And from here you can see a lots and lots of data sources from where you can fetch data. To make things easy, there are different categories inside it like Google Analytics, Google ads, Google sheet, Google Surveys sheet, YouTube Analytics, Google Search Console. So lots of data connectors are available.

Step 2: Choose a Report Template

The next step is to create a report. And in order to create a report, you need to choose a report template. So there are two options, you can choose a pre created pre designed report template or you can create it yourself also.

So once you are on your Google Data Studio dashboard, then you need to simply choose a template from here. So there is a template gallery here. And there are different categories. For example, Google Analytics Search Console, Google ads, YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets, isplay and video 360 etc.  

You can choose any of these templates. And suppose you are running Google ad campaigns. So simply select Google ads. You can simply create go to Create option and here you can, you know, choose the data sources.

Step 3: Add Relevant Data

The third step is basically we need to add relevant data. Now we have added a data source we have chosen a report template. The third thing is naturally we need to add data and that template will automatically convert that data into wonderful report. In order to add your own data, you can go to Edit option. And now it will give you different opportunities to add data into into this particular demo template.

Before you go I have got one bonus template for you. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learnt something new today.