Maximizing Your Marketing Potential with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

A lot of people are trying to make money in the digital market right now, and it can be hard to catch a single raindrop in a storm. With Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), a company can make its online store stand out from all the others. It offers not only visibility but also dominance. Imagine having a treasure chest full of consumer data and targeted advertising choices right at your fingertips. That’s what AMS gives you.

But it’s not enough to just have strong tools; you have to learn how to use them well. Whether you’re a well-known brand or a new business owner trying to make a name for yourself, learning how to get the most out of AMS for marketing could be the key to unmatched growth and success. Come with us as we explore the ins and outs of this ever-changing platform and reveal tactics that will help your company reach the top of the e-commerce world.

Understanding Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is the collective term for several Amazon services for sellers, like sponsored products, headline search ads (now called Amazon sponsored brands), and Amazon display ads. As of September 2018, Amazon has rebranded several of its features (AMG, AMS, and AAP) as Amazon Advertising. AMS is now called the Advertising Console. We’ll be referring to Amazon Marketing Services, AMS, and Advertising Console throughout this article.

According to Amazon statistics, Amazon still leads the pack by far and boasts 37.8% of the market share among retail eCommerce companies. In terms of customers, it works out to more than 310 million. Nearly 40% of these customers find sponsored ads helpful.

Benefits of using AMS

Increased visibility

Amazon marketing services showcase products to several people. It raises the profile and makes it visible to the targeted customers, encouraging them to buy them. 

Targeted advertising

This marketing service provides targeted advertising. It lets advertisers reach particular groups of people based on several things. Like interests, particular search histories, and shopping habits. Advertising efforts also work when using a focused approach. 

Advertising at a low cost

Advertising can be done at a lower cost. Accordingly, bids can be set based on the advertising goals. It also gives you the you the freedom to ensure that ad spending is well spent. To get the maximum return on the investment. 

Full analytics

AMS also provides advertisers with a full analytics report. To know about their ad performance. Key metrics include conversion rates, which give marketers information about the campaign’s improvement. 

Lots of different ad formats

There are many ad formats that advertisers choose. It works best for them. AMS offers many kinds of ads, like paid display ads, headline ads, and product ads. 

How to get into Amazon AMS

Amazon marketing services are easier to access. Below are a few things to consider to begin with:

Amazon Marketing Services

For buying and selling products on Amazon, create an account for the vendor. You can find AMS in your seller or vendor central account under the “Advertising” tab.You can find it in your Seller Express account under the “Marketing” tab.

You can also use your seller or vendor details to log in to the Amazon Marketing Services page.  Pick an ad type that will help you reach your goals and begin your first campaign. Figure out how much money you have to spend, who you want to reach, and write an interesting ad.

AMS has analytics tools that you can use to keep a close eye on your offer once it starts. Amazon Marketing Services has different ad styles to meet the needs of different advertisers. To make your efforts work well, you need to know about each type:

Headline ads: put your company right at the top of the search results

Headline ads are right at the top of search results, so your business and products will be one of the first things people see when they’re looking for similar things. To get the most out of your headline ads, think about the following best practices:

  • Write headlines that are short and catchy
  • Select buzzwords that the target audience uses
  • Add good-quality images that showcase your business or product
  • Make ad writing different through USPs, deals, and promotions
  • Have a look at the ad’s click-through rate, conversion rate, and main performance
  • For the sponsored ads, show ads of the products for the goods and interests that are the same.

Sponsored display ads are also known as product display ads. They are placed on the product’s detail page for the targeted audience. To make the ad valuable, follow the below-given tips:

  • Create a selection that is more accurate to reach the correct people.
  • Search for the same products in the list and provide them to the customers.
  • Reach out to the buyers based on how they buy and search for products.
  • You can review and change the targeted settings.
  • Create an attractive ad.
  • Target keywords in the ad to increase its visibility.

How to become eligible for Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Service is only available to accounts that have been accepted by Amazon. To get into AMS, you need any of the following six credentials:

  • Account for Seller Central
  • A password for Vendor Central
  • A password for Advantage Central
  • A Vendor Express account
  • An offer to work for a vendor
  • An account with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon’s Advertising Model

Amazon Advertising uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model that is different from some other markets. For example, eBay’s Promoted Listings use a pay-per-sale (PPS) model to fund them.

Amazons Advertising Model

On Amazon, there is a link between ads and natural search. The goal of the platform is to make sales by showing the most popular and high-converting goods that are related to the query. Amazon wants to focus on the products that have a history of good sales and customer feedback because they know they will sell the most.

How to optimize and manage Ads

It is important to make sure that your ad strategies work and that you get the most for your money. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) can help you manage and improve your ads.
Ads can be better and easier to manage with AMS. Below are some tips for ad optimization and management: 

1. Keep an eye on your money 

You need to make sure you have enough money for each ad and listing of your products so that you can reach the right people. To do this, be clear about what your campaign’s goal is, such as whether you want to make more sales or get more people to know your brand.

2. Use Amazon’s tools for targeting

Use Amazons tools for targeting

There are tools on Amazon, such as “Automatic Targeting” and “Advanced Targeting,” that can help you limit the types of people who see your ad.

3. Test, test, and test some more

Test test and test some more

With A/B testing, you can look at two or more copies of an ad at the same time to see which one works best with your users. You can test two sets of ads that have unique copy, style, etc.

4. Pay attention to your target group

Pay attention to your target group

To get better, raise the ROAS. It can be done by creating an audience group based on many factors, like their age, location, etc. A complete keyword plan should also be created to reach more and more people interested in your products and services. 

5. Look at ad performance

Look at ad performance

Track the ad’s performance consistently to get a higher return on investment. Keep checking on things such as clicks and impressions through Amazon advertising records. 

6. Test multiple ad formats

Based on the product or service being promoted, some ad styles may work better than others. Try out different types of ads, like paid product ads, headline search ads, and display ads, to see which ones get you more sales and a better return on investment (ROI).

7. Optimize bids regularly

Bids need to be optimized regularly. To change the bidding strategy, various things need to be taken into account. Like changes in the market and trending keywords. 

Optimize bids regularly

Businesses can easily change bids whenever they want by using automated rules in AMS to set bid adjustments for desired results. This saves them time because they don’t have to change each one by hand. Making ads work better is a full-time job. If you need help, check out our list of the best Amazon PPC pros.

8. Leverage negative keywords

Leverage negative keywords

Add negative keywords to your efforts to get rid of wasted money on ads and traffic that isn’t interested in what you’re selling. Regularly change your phrase lists to make sure you keep up with changes in the market and search. Also, make this list of negative keywords to help you hire an Amazon virtual helper.

How Does Effective Advertising Help to Increase Sales on Amazon?

Good advertising on Amazon is an important aspect of increasing sales. Through it, brands can improve their online presence and traffic using several advertising tools and techniques in a better way. One of the best things about advertising on Amazon is that you can reach millions of busy shoppers who are ready to buy. 

Through sponsor ads and product display ads, brands’ products are shown on the search results page. With the help of AMS, brands can also target a particular group based on age, gender, and so on. Brands make sure that the right people see their products this way. The rate of conversion goes up with this focused method.

Brands can also make their ads better. To get more people to buy. Effective advertising on the Amazon platform helps to raise brand awareness and exposure, which leads to more sales in the e-commerce industry, which is very competitive.


Amazon marketing services help businesses search for ideal customers. Businesses should use the Amazon targeted tools, different ad types, and regularly optimize the bids, etc. Marketers can also change the plans if required. AMS has a reporting dashboard to provide real-time data. This helps to get a better return on the investment in the ads.