Useful Tips to Become The King of Social Media Marketing

Its a well known fact that Social Media has become one of the most important medium of Marketing today. Gone are those days, when the sales person had to go from door to door for selling products. In the 1960’s, though television and radio changed the way of approaching Customers but still a segment of market was still not captured. There were certain things lacking like the communication was more of one-sided. The marketer started advertising their products on sources of Mass Media. But, still Social Element was missing.
In the domain of Marketing, Word-of-mouth publicity is considered as the strongest medium of brand recognition. So, the marketers had to wait until their products were used by the target consumers and were referred to others. A medium was needed to turn Mass Media into Social Media.
Internet made this possible. It first started with mails and gradually social media websites were evolved, which made it easy for people to socialize with each other more frequently.
So, in simple terms, social media is the media of the Society to Socialize. Now, ideas started flowing among people. And, Word-of-mouth publicity became much faster. 
Today, We have got thousands of websites to socialize with our family and friends, but every social media works little differently. For instance, while, Twitter is more focused on expressing thoughts in the form of tweets, Pinterest relies of more picture sharing. 
So, In order to become a good at engagement on social media platforms, you must know the basics of their operation. The following infographic shows certain tips, which you can follow to become the king of Social Media:

Social Media strategy 2014-facebook
Social Media strategy 2014-Pinterest
Social Media strategy 2014-Twitter
Social Media strategy 2014-Google+
Social Media strategy 2014-perfect timings
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Vijay Sood is Digital Marketing Consultant at SwiftPropel. He has helped hundreds of International Brands to achieve web visibility and traffic. His interests include exploring Brand Marketing strategies, lead generation and web traffic optimization. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with family!

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  • Wow Very Nice Post..Here ,Really You have Describe Social Media In
    Efficient Manner .Now Days, Social Media is more Popular because everyone
    wants to success in internet Marketing by Social Media. its best tips to
    increase Knowledge About Social Media .

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