Search Engine Optimization – The Art Of Playing With Keywords

In all these years, while performing SEO for a variety of Websites, I have found that keywords form the foundation for building a perfect SEO Campaign. The Right Choice of Keywords can enhance your efforts. After the Hummingbird update, many questions have been raised on the importance of keywords. But, do you really think that keywords can extinct in the coming years?

Lets understand this with an example, for instance, you wish to search for Best Interior designers in California. Then what terms will you use?

“Best Interior Designer in California”


“Expert Interior Designer in California”


“Experienced Interior Designer in California”

 You can use any of these depending upon your requirements. And, you will not stop until your query has been answered. Now, If you have noticed here, then you can clearly see “Interior Designers” is the common term used by you. So, In one manner, You are searching for sites focused on this word. We can call this “the keyword “.

In simple terms, a keyword is a word that describes the content of a website in the most appropriate manner. A keyword is the essence of a website. We can never eliminate it. We have only used some variations of the keywords in order to get the desired results.

Just Imagine, there are billions of websites existing on the web today. From the large population of websites, a search engine has the responsibility to provide you with the best results. How can a search Engine filter all the irrelevant search results to provide you the best Search Experience? It is due to these reasons, that Search Algorithms are developed.

The Efforts of Search Engines to provide the best results to a user has resulted in the emergence of Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird Algorithm. As a Search Engine Optimizer, this is the first thing that one should understand. Google and any other search Engine is not our Enemy. So, what is the role of an SEO then? The answer to this is quite easy, the role of an SEO is to optimize the search Process. An SEO work as a link between the market and the consumer, or to be more precisely, between the search engine and  website.

Understand this, A Search Engine is only chooses sites based on its algorithm. But, What if a website is not promoted in the right way? What if a Business, in spite of having a great offline reputation is not able to reach its target consumers online? Here, SEO’s come into the picture.

A good SEO knows all the secrets to effectively optimize your visibility in your target Market. They know the best keywords which can give you a push in search engine result pages [ SERPs]. They can assess the approach adopted by your competitors and make strategies to beat them in an effective manner. But, a word of caution, It is advisable to take services of a White-Hat SEO only, if you wish to achieve long term results.

As the name suggest, White represents purity and White-Hat SEO represents clean strategies adopted for optimization abiding by the guidelines of the search engine. On the other hand, a Black-Hat SEO tries to find loopholes in the search engine’s working and capitalize them to their advantage. But, such tactics work only till the loophole is covered in the next search engine algorithm. So, that’s why, these are called short term results.

An expert SEO knows the art of playing with keywords. You can imagine an SEO to be a warrior and keywords are the weapons provided to him/her. A good warrior is the one who can use the weapons in the most effective manner. For these, various strategies can be used like keyword rich quality content, keywords density, keyword prominence, Use of keywords in special place, building quality back links using keywords etc.

So, we can summarize that “Keywords” can never extinct completely. It’s only the manner in which they are used confront changes. Learn the art and win the Game!

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About Vijay Sood

Vijay Sood is Digital Marketing Consultant at SwiftPropel. He has helped hundreds of International Brands to achieve web visibility and traffic. His interests include exploring Brand Marketing strategies, lead generation and web traffic optimization. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with family!

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