I Have Found a Special Power hidden in Me Today!

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Yes, every word written above is absolutely right. This Special Power that I have found in me today will surely going to ease up my life to a great extent If I will use it properly. Now, you would be wondering, that I have gone insane. You can think so but I will not retaliate. You can tell me crazy, mad, lunatic, and demented but I will not react. I will not get angry either because I will use my power on you.

Have you ever thought why do we get Angry? Do you repent after using bad language against someone in anger? Do you think that you become a different person when you are angry? After fighting with someone do you feel ripples of disturbance in your otherwise calm mind? If your answer is yes to all the above questions, then I must congratulate you. It only shows that you are a normal human being. But, you are still not a Super Human yet.

Then, what is the difference between a normal person and a superhuman? Are you getting images of superman or batman? Just relax, It’s the matter of special powers only. You must have seen spiderman or any superhero movie. Have you ever noticed that all super heroes are normal human beings until they know the powers within them? That’s what happened with me today. And, believe me, I was shell shocked to find that the power was within me only but I was not able to see it.

The power that I am talking about is “The Power to React”. Yes, you have heard it right. Sounds simple, right? As any average guy, I would have never revealed it to you but sorry, I am not the one. In my life, If I’m able to change others life through this power then why should I resist? Yes, you heard it right, I will help you find this power within yourself too.

Ok, let’s do a little experiment here before understanding this power. Just choose one person in your circle whom you don’t like at all. Suppose, that person says following words to you.

You are an Idiot person!

You are completely insane !

And, You are the most foolish person I have ever met in my entire life!

Just get lost!


Before reading further, just pause for 10 seconds and introspect. Just look within you. How are you feeling after hearing these words?

Did you find these words rude? Are you feeling angry or your self-image has got hurt? Are you feeling like giving a back answer? If you are feeling like this, then It’s a normal reaction.


Have you ever thought why some people are so angry or high tempered that they appear as pressurized cookers which are ready to burst? Do you get angry when somebody honks at you without any reason while traveling? Do you know the actual reason behind road rage?

The answer to all these question lies in the way we react to things around us. Lets take previous example to understand this. Just choose one person you love most in this world. He/she could be your child, mother, father, your best friend or anyone. Lets imagine that they say you the following words to you :

You are an Idiot person!

You are completely insane!

And, you are the most foolish person I have ever met in my entire life!

Just get lost!

Now, what was your reaction? Is it a little bit different from the previous one? Have you absorbed these words and are thinking of ignoring them? Isn’t it amazing because you are the same person with the same self-image but your feelings are different for the same words?

As human beings, we use different emotions to express our reaction towards things around us. When we help someone, we get filled with a sense of good feeling. When somebody helps us, we feel gratitude. When someone loves us, we feel like loving them back. Similarly, when somebody lashes out at us, we tend to replicate them. Now, that’s where we go wrong. Because, when we utter bad words to someone, the next reaction that we get is guilt. Here you can see how Anger if followed by Guilt.


So, what’s the solution for this problem? How can we get a control over our emotions? Don’t worry, I will not advice you to meditate or to do Yoga. You just have to understand a simple law :

“Environment has got the ability to influence, But the Power to react lies with us”

Just remember this law whenever you get instigated by any situation or by any individual. Now, you would be wondering that though the power to react lies with us but how should we activate it. You can activate it by being aware of it. You have to be conscious of your reactions towards your environment. 


Do you know why Customer Care Executives of Multi-National Companies do not react to you when you shout at them? The first lesson given to them is to use polite words only with their customer in every situation. No doubt they get frustrated initially, but slowly they get a habit of it. Do you remember Mahatma Gandhi’s and Nelson Mandela’s Philosophy of non-violence? They were tortured and sent to jail many times, But they didn’t reacted? Ultimately, they won. When you get through adverse situations, the wise people tell you to remain calm and cross the river of problems.

So, you can relate this to in any phase of your life. You can use it to improve personal as well as professional relationships. The formula is simple, Just don’t React in a negative manner. Do not let thoughts, people or situation to muddle the clear waters inside your mind. If someone says bad words to you, then filter those words because you are not what others think you but you are what you think about yourself. But remember, you don’t need to ignore things. You just have to change the way how your perceive things and how you react to them. 

Try to build a healthy and stable mind. And, slowly you will fill your life with positivity. The people or situations that are going against you will have to recede after getting no reaction from your end. Though it sounds very simple but this power has to be activated with practice. The more you will use it, the more you will feel confident about yourself. And, One day you will rise above everyone else to become Super Human.

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