Content Marketing Helped Fisher Tank Increase Sales Opportunities by $3.4 Million!

Content Marketing Helped Fisher Tank Increase Sales Opportunities by $3.4 Million!

Are you on the lookout for more ways to Increase Sales Opportunities, increasing traffic, generating leads and sales in the near future?

Are you planning to incorporate digital or content marketing to your business? Are you hesitant about the same?

No matter, whether your answer is a yes or a no. You must read this case study where content marketing was used by a speciality manufacturer and gave striking results! It will surely encourage you to take the big leap.

There are a number of businesses, which are already using Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies to get traffic and converting it to successful leads and sales. In a report by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, it was revealed that content marketing is being used by approximately 88% B2B businesses to increase sales  opportunities .


Additionally, a high percentage of this number has an effective marketing method. This is the reason that B2B companies plan to create content.


Yet, most speciality manufacturers are quite hesitant about using content marketing strategies for success. One of the most common objections raised by clients in speciality manufacturing, about inbound marketing is, “The internet is not used to buy the particular category of products by our prospects.” Another thing we also hear is that the potential customers are not on social media because the marketing relies partly on social media promotions.

Check out how incredible results were obtained from content and social media marketing by Fisher Tank, a speciality manufacturer.

Introducing Fisher Tank

Fisher Tank is one of the leading companies in full-service welded steel tank fabrication and construction. They make above – ground welded steel tanks for industries like municipal, industrial, bio diesel/ ethanol, refining, water & waste treatment, pulp & paper, and much more. As you may have guessed, they deal in highly specialized products, have fairly long sales cycles (ranging from 12 months to several years), many projects that run into millions of dollar. The sales orders for these massive tanks and related services come mostly as results of bid packages or requests – for – quotes (RFQs).

The BIG Question! – Would Inbound Marketing be Successful for this Speciality Manufacturer?

Would the principles be applicable? – Which is attracting visitors to the website, using content to convert them to leads and encouraging them with related additional content?

When the marketing team of Fisher was approached by experts with an inbound marketing strategy, it was explained to them that the strategy would attract more prospects to their website. They jumped at the opportunity. Since the company was found in 1948, the business had primarily witnessed growth by word – of – mouth referrals, cold calling and due to repeat customers. They agreed that inbound marketing could be a huge shot; a way to attract visitors to the website, generate warm leads for the sales team by nurturing the leads they are interested in and eventually extending their reach.

Firstly, a visually more attractive website was created for the company which made it a magnet for the search engines. Apart from the contemporary, fresh and simple look, calls – to –action was included on the website. This helped in downloading the content of value and interest to prospects which primarily included owners, engineers, and facility and project managers. The site architecture was also improved; a blog was integrated with abilities for sharing on social media, establishing social media profiles of the company and optimizing the website with the correct long – tail keywords so that Fisher would be found in a higher number of searches.

The old website looked something like this –


  • There were no links to social media
  • There was no calls – to – action option, to download free resources which may be of high value and interest to the visitor
  • No blog or social sharing ability
  • None or little keyword optimization

And the new website, complete with the content offers, simplified navigation, social media links, and blog as well as, well optimized for search!


  • The content including expert advice or tips or industry news are written and regularly posted on the website. This content is highly educative, as well as interesting. The use of long – tail keywords with images help make Fisher Tank visible on the Search Engines.

 Increase Sales Opportunities

  • The navigation was simplified, to make it convenient for the visitors.
  • The website was optimized for search engines.
  • Social media links (including LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube) were integrated to enhance business.
  • A blog was included.


  • Free resources were provided, which were linked to a page for generating leads.


The Lead Generation Page

Additionally, a post round up for the blog was created at the end of the month. This –

  • Helps the new visitors in finding important posts that were added in the past
  • Aids the SEO of the website
  • Increasing page views
  • Regular visitors can comment on the older posts and also get an easy recap

 Increase Sales Opportunities

The Impressive Results!

Just 12 weeks into launching the inbound marketing strategy, statistics showed an impressive increase.

Success Highlights

12 weeks after Launching Inbound Marketing

Overall Web Traffic 119% increase
Organic (unpaid) search traffic 70% increase
Traffic from Social Media 4800% increase
Lead conversions 3900% increase
Page 1 keyword rankings 600% increase
Quote Requests 500% increase
Value of new qualified sales opportunities in the pipeline as result of inbound efforts (primarily social media integration and content marketing) $ 3.4 million

Source –

While the marketing team of the Fisher Company had initially displayed a hesitant nod for adding the inbound tactics and digital marketing strategy to their marketing, today, they stand proud as enthusiastic promoters and supporters of this approach. Their team eagerly curates good content and shares the same on social media platforms. They reap the striking rewards as more qualified leads are drawn to the website, downloading the content and providing their contact information in return.

If Fisher Tank is not a testament to the power of digital and inbound marketing for the success of speciality manufacturers, I cannot comprehend what is.

Do you still have a doubt if it could work for you and increase sales opportunities?

Go ahead with inbound marketing and lead!

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Content Marketing Helped Fisher Tank Increase Sales Opportunities by $3.4 Million!
Are you on the lookout for more ways to Increase Sales Opportunities, increasing traffic, generating leads and sales in the near future like Fisher tank?
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